Vacheron Constantin Overseas

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  • Great for luxury steel sports watches
  • Comes with a titanium bezel and screw down pushers
  • Geneva Hallmark certified
  • Highly rated
  • Good value for the price


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Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Review
It’s a small finishing touch but a nice one at that.The Overseas Chronograph uses a column-wheel chronograph mechanism over the cam-actuated type. This allows for some slick and smooth stop and stop action
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Eight years in
I got this in Spain in 2019, just before a fairly significant price hike. This watch comes with a glidelock, which is super nice considering the rubber bracelet. I really love the aesthetics of this watch, with the rose gold, matte black on black and red lettering.
[Vacheron Constantin] Added a bracelet to my Overseas. Shockingly good.
I recently added a bracelet to my second generation Vacheron Constantin Overseas chronograph. This is the “Deep Stream” version of the 49150 chronograph with titanium bezel and screw down pushers. Originally it only came with a rubber and a leather strap. I recently decided to order a matching bracelet from my AD and I have to say I’m shocked at both the quality and at how different it makes the watch feel.
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[Vacheron Constantin] Overlooking the Zurich Lake with my Overseas
This is my Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V/110A-B128 with a stunning blue dial. The watch and movement are Geneva Hallmark certified. Even after owning it for a few months now, I still find myself wearing it mostly with the stainless steel bracelet throughout working days, only switching to the rubber strap in the weekend. For anyone who wants a watch that flies under the radar, but is a trinity, stainless steel watch, this is the one!.
[SOTC] June 2021
Needs to be put on a better strap, potentially croc. G-shocks – blue gets very little wrist time, but I love my Casioak (or Royal Broke). Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph – this is a Gen 2 Overseas, but not actually my watch.
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[SOTC] I Should Have Known Five Wasn’t Sustainable. Back To Eight!
Vacheron Constantin Overseas Gen 2. 5. Omega Speedmaster Pro Tokyo 2020. What’s New:.
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Is The VC Overseas 4500V As Good As The Competition?
I’m not so convinced. Should You Buy The Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V?.
20 days ago
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[Cartier, Rolex & Patek] My SOTC into 2020
I actually saved the post as a tab on my web browser and revisited it from time to time. Fast forward to this time last year and I found the exact model I wanted at a good price and I went for it. I recently picked up a bright blue alligator strap which transformed the appearance and really compliments the blue / gold on the dial. I’m currently considering replacing the submariner with a VC Overseas.
[SOTC] What would you buy next?
I would go for the Vacheron Constantin Overseas as my next piece. Very elegant, timeless design, and the detail makes you swoon...
...but the wife would also kill you.
[Vacheron Overseas] on a sunny morning
I looked at a couple of ROs (2nd hand) and preferred the VC. I didn't actually consider a Nautilus as it's impossible to get other than at vastly inflated prices but I have seen a few 'in the flesh'. I think the VC edges it from these watches on face and dial and maybe caseback.
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