Unicool VDM-10

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  • Great for speed and stability
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good for beginners, but not for experienced riders
  • VDM-10 is an impressive scooter
  • VDM-10/Ghost version is not as powerful as the Mantis


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Dude got mad at me for passing him… because he wanted to jump the light. No hate on people jumping the light but sorry, I will pass you if I’m going faster than you are.
Before you pass him you can also see how he is intentionally all over the bike lane to prevent you to safely pass. Hate people like this, and that is exactly why the scooter speed limits in many European countries at 25km/h or even 20km/h are so incredibly stupid and aggravating and prevent you from safely passing and putting distance between yourself and angry bike riders like this. This is one main reason I prefer to use my VDM-10 over the Max, even though my cruise speed it not much higher, but you can safety pass anyone by speeding up a bit and pass in seconds.
Selling Scooters in the NE US (MA / NH /RI / VT) - brands and what to look out for?
I'm a fan of Unicool scooters. The VDM-10 is pretty freaking awesome, and the popularity of the T10-DDM speaks for itself.
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Need a guide to buying off of alibaba?
I just ordered my VDM-10, the process was fairly quick, I didn't open chat like some peoples mentionned below, I went on they alibaba page, I went on the product. selected 2x (2000W 52V 23AH Battery ) product and clicked start order, modified to 1, asked for RFQ quote will all the details I could give, Charlotte send me a chat message, with a tons of promotions materials etc etc. Asked if it was a business or personal.
How are electric scooters shipped from china preserving the battery during shipping?
My VDM-10 took nearly 4 months in shipping and it arrived with sufficient charge around 63v (60v scooter).
VDM 10 vs Vsett 9 or 10
I am happy with my VDM-10. The Vsett 10+ looks good, has decent reviews, and I like the fact you can get a bigger 28ah battery option, but the price is crazy high compared to the VDM, so that kind of makes the choice for you if price is a consideration. The Vsett 10+ 28ah is double the price of the 60v 21ah VDM-10.
4-5+ have cracked and no recall....
Glad I saw this post, was going to put my name on the pre-order for the next batch. I guess Ill just order a vdm-10 from titan/unicool . Lets see if appolo responds here...
Looking to buy my first scooter... Any tips?
In the €900 range you could get the VDM-10 with the 18ah chinese battery (same scooter as the Apollo Ghost, or Techlife X8) that was (in July) together with shipping around $1000 to EU. The VDM-10 is a great scooter that has been very well reviewed, and I am also happy with mine I got direct from Titan in China (I got the bit more expensive 60v version).
MiniMotors - Bluetran - Lightning
Looks fine other than that, nothing new and nothing special, same old stuff. Scooters are beginning to stagnate a little since brands come up with updated models that really don't have anything new. When I upgrade from my vdm-10 I expect the next scooter to have at least 13inch wheels, good suspension, steering damper out of the box and 21700 cells instead of 18650. Oh and a sinewave controller to allow for a better control of the throttle, don't really wanna imagine running a 72v machine on squarewave since throttle control can be almost on/off at worst on them.
My new Apollo Ghost exceeds all expectations!
Nice choice of scooter!
Highly recommend some wide tires. Just got my vdm-10 (ghost) as well and the difference between the stock skinny tires and wide ones was night and day. Best upgrade! Enjoy your new scoot and be safe!
Scooters in 1500 range. Which is best?
Much better than the $1500 Apollo ghost with a non-namebrand battery. Plus the VDM 10 has hydraulic brakes and higher power motors. For the most part the Quality control was actually very good with a lot of the Key bolts having Loctite on them. I think it’s very worth it since the equivalence Krueger from a Apollo would be nearly $2000.
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