Unicool T10-DDM

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  • Great for off-road use
  • Dual 1000w motors
  • 52V 18.4ah battery
  • 10 x 3" off road tyres
  • Forged aluminium construction


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TurboWheel Lightning VS Zero 10x VS T10-DDM - Review & Comparison
Shareasale-analytics.com back to menu ↑ Features Different speed modes and single or dual motor modeIncredible suspension systemGreat design with footpad in the back to increase ride stabilityBrake light and deck lightsLED display + separate voltage displayTrigger throttleKey-ignitionSeat option(June -19)Double disc brakes + regenerative motor brake back to menu ↑ The review test data Since I did not have the opportunity to ride this for a full test and just had a “short” couple of miles ride on it I don’t have all the data available and therefore I will only fill in what I was able to achieve at the time. I will update the data as soon as I have my hands on one and can do the full extensive test ride that I usually do
2 months ago
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If you’re riding a T10-DDM Style scooter such as the Zero 10X, Dragon Hunter X10 or the Turbowheel, please, please never go full speed and then hit the eco button with the throttle pegged. I’ve done it a few times now at 40km/h and I tell you what, it scares the living shit out of me every time. The scooter will immediately regen brake as hard as it can to drop your speed down to 25km/h.
Selling Scooters in the NE US (MA / NH /RI / VT) - brands and what to look out for?
I'm a fan of Unicool scooters. The VDM-10 is pretty freaking awesome, and the popularity of the T10-DDM speaks for itself. Just make sure they come with quality batteries, Panasonic,Samsung, LG, and even the Dynavolt are good quality. Avoid scooters that come with "generic" Chinese batteries.
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Buying VDM-10 from Alibaba if you live in the EU?
The VDM-10 is the equivalent of the Apollo Ghost and the original Unicool version of the Zero 10X is the T10-DDM. and concerning VAT: I wouldn't worry about that, since the sellers who already have the scooter in stock in EU warehouses already paid VAT when they imported the scooter into the EU and when you order directly from China they pay it when they send it to you - it's still the same price ... On the Alibaba website or the App you have the option to chat with the seller directly - I would just write to some sellers (Titan and Sunnytimes are known to be reputable sellers for these scooter models) and talk to them in chat and they will make you an offer and tell you exactly how much it will cost to send the scooter to your door including all taxes and shipping - then you can still compare prises and take the best offer .. but keep in mind that when you order from China you will have to wait a long time, many months, for your scooter to arrive, because of the shipping crisis at the moment ...
Unicool Electric Scooter T10 DDM Off Road -
Unicool Electric Scooter T10 DDM Off Road
The Unicool T10 is a dedicated off road Scooter with dual 1000W motor performance that can reach speeds of up to 55 km/h. For use in the off road environment the Unicool T10 has dual hyd...
2 months ago
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Scooter for couple of years
I placed an order for the t10-ddm from titan, 1064 after shipping and PayPal. They are supposedly the main supplier for those US/eu companies.
Is this same as Zero 10x i know its a t10ddm but this one has 3200watt motor so it can not be same as zero 10x anyone have experience whit this scooter?
Also the rear footrest looks like it's in a super uncomfortable angle. I'd skip.
VDM-10 from alibaba, 77 days from order to arrival. Was nervous about customs for this one, ended up having zero issues 👍
Nice! Enjoy your ride! I also went the direct route and purchased a T10 DDM from Titan last week. Now it's the waiting game. I was told it would take 10 days processing and 30-35 days shipping (probably late January). Can't wait. lol
While I'm broadly happy with the performance, I'm finding that under about 48.7v "standing" voltage (which according to the charts I'm seeing should be 40% capacity), even a mild incline makes the voltage drop rapidly, causing a cutout once it goes below about 43.5v. This is in the lowest "gear" (the one limited to 25kmh), with both engines on and eco mode off, in cool weather (+4 celsius) but with the scooter being stored indoors.