Tudor Black Bay GMT

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  • Great for world time functionality
  • 70-hour power reserve
  • User-friendly second-time zone function
  • Attractive price point
  • Good quality


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Well Traveled Companion: Reviewing the Tudor Black Bay GMT
The Tudor Black Bay GMT, with the high-quality features of its new manufacture caliber, and also with regard to its other virtues such as legibility, value, user friendliness and wearing comfort, is, therefore, unrivaled in its price class. SPECS:. Manufacturer: Montres Tudor SA, Rue François-Dussaud 3-7, 1211, Geneva 26, Switzerland
19 days ago
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[Omega Seamaster Diver 300M]
The bezel is a little more difficult to get ahold of but maybe that’ll keep me from absentmindedly spinning it. I purchased it with the steel bracelet and then purchased the rubber strap separately. I’m not the type to wear it with a bracelet but it made sense financially. I really love this watch.
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[Seiko|Rolex|Tudor] My 3 GMT’s
It’s an incredible watch but... I recently picked up the Tudor Black Bay GMT with the Pepsi bezel. I actually had an opportunity to purchase one from an AD when they first became available but had just made a large purchase and had to decline (a decision I second-guessed until I found this one).
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[Tudor] Walked in the shop to see how the BB GMT looked on my wrist....left with it
The 58 also looked fantastic, but the Diet Pepsi bezel and date complication really helped the GMT pop. Now, of course the catch was that I was standing there with a $4000 watch on my wrist, having never even surfaced the topic of "Hey, what if I spent a couple mortgage payments on a wrist watch?".... And yet somehow....I left with a Black Bay GMT and lived to tell about it. It's my first luxury piece and while it'll be a good long while before there's another one, it's so clear why they're so coveted.
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Excellent all around!
Excellent all around!
Igor V.
10 months ago
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[Rolex] Submariner Ref. 124060 - After months of waiting, I picked up my first new Rolex on the day I became fully vaccinated.
I visited all the ADs in my area and had varying levels of success in registering my interest. Luckily, the amazing SA I dealt with 2 years ago when I purchased my Tudor Black Bay was able to find me the watch in just 41 days! I received the call last Monday and picked the watch up on Thursday, which happened to be the same day I received my 2nd dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine.
[SOTC] Watch Box Finished, It's Finally Full!
**Tudor Black Bay GMT:** Bought my original one of these before the Rolex, scratching that GMT Pepsi itch and recently bought this version on the leather strap. It's not as precious as the Rolex and I love a tan/brown leather strap so it's a great summer watch. Won't stay around forever but it's a great option which can be obtained for a quarter of a Rolex equivalent.
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Great GMT watch but hard to acquire
I've had this Tudor Black Bay for nearly two months and it has been a wonderful watch. I first purchased from Kara's Watches who wrote to me telling me to cancel my order with no explanation. After several emails with them it turns out they cannot get the watch to fulfill my order. Funny thing is a ...
LI Shooter
4 years ago
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[Question] Which is your favorite?
Tudor Black Bay GMT: Great watch, just too thick for me. Breitling Navitimer 41: The AR Breiting and Omega put on their crystals cannot be overstated, it makes a huge difference. The blue on this dial really pops. Not a big fan of the full polished bracelet, I would definitely go leather on this one.
[Tudor] GMT. It’s chunky. It’s heavy. It’s beautiful.
The Tudor Black Bay GMT had been on my radar for several years and I finally pulled the trigger over the weekend. The comments about the size and weight, and the infamous date wheel issue had held me back from adding this to my collection. But after spending 30 seconds with it on my wrist, it was a done deal.