Tudor Black Bay 36

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  • Great for everyday wear
  • Case is robust and versatile
  • A great looking watch for the money
  • Watch is not as popular as other watches in the same category
  • Reviews are hard to come by for this watch


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Is The Tudor Black Bay 36 As Good As The Heritage Versions?
Price & Availability. The Tudor Black Bay 36 retails for around US$2,950 and is not a hard watch to come by.
2 months ago
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[Omega Seamaster Diver 300M]
The bezel is a little more difficult to get ahold of but maybe that’ll keep me from absentmindedly spinning it. I purchased it with the steel bracelet and then purchased the rubber strap separately. I’m not the type to wear it with a bracelet but it made sense financially. I really love this watch.
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[Tudor BB36] My engagement watch
This Tudor Black Bay 36 Blue is my first luxury watch and man is it beautiful. I got it as an engagement watch because it is something I could wear everyday for the rest of my life. It is robust with a 150 m water resistance, it is beautiful with that super dynamic blue dial, and it is super versatile because of the small size and style.
[Tudor] Bought my first big girl watch and took it for an autumn walk (BB36)
For now, I'm super happy with the BB36, wear it daily and I'm not babying it as much as I would the Rolex for sure. I can't stop from staring at it throughout the day, I find the dial simple, yet stunning in its simplicity. The lumes are also super bright, which is neat. And the bracelet is very sturdy and well made.
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[Tudor Black Bay 36] Got This Bad Boy Today
My new Tudor Black Bay 36 came through this morning. I have been considering this purchase for sometime- really weighing up between this and the Rolex Explorer but i just felt design wise the dial on the black bay has more character.
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[Tudor Black Bay 36] My first Tudor watch 🖤🖤🖤
The Tudor black bay 36. I’ve been eyeing this one for a little while now. After calling quite a few authorized dealers in Taiwan and finding that they’re all out of stock, I almost gave up. Until a week later I was walking pass a Tudor AD I mistakenly saw a black bay 32 in the window and went in to ask the staff to see.
[SOTC] No date gang
I lean towards no date watches because I love the symmetry and ease of rotating them without wasting extra time getting the date correct. I got my speedy first, then the cartier tank then lastly the tudor black bay 36 blue. I also like to buy classic and timeless looking watches that I would like to keep forever, and hopefully pass it down to my daughter. Due to this, another rule that I follow is that I buy unisex watches that can also be worn by a smaller wrist.
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[Tudor Black Bay 36] Fiancé told me to buy it so I would stop talking about watches lmao
The BB36 checks all of my boxes (spare the lack of a tool-less quick adjustment). I’ve walked into many watch shops with my fiancé. She took a liking to the Nomos Club Campus (so did I), but I kept coming back to this one. Today I bit the bullet and have started my “one watch collection”.
[Tudor Black Bay 36] Got a new strap! What do you think?
I was reluctant but decided to go for it, and boy was I glad I got it. I think this just made the bb36 look so classy and the black strap matches completely with the glossy black dial. All this for about 20 USD! I couldn’t be happier.
[SOTC] Really happy with my current collection (BB36 up next)
Really worn as heck, but LOVE it, it’s my old man watch I wear when I need to complain about current events. Next up - Tudor Black Bay 36 black dial (not actually interested in the bracelet or straps, I just want the watch itself. Hoping to stumble on just such a pre-owned scenario).
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Watch Label

Swiss Made




Tudor Calibre 2824

Power Reserve

38 hours