Triban RC500

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  • Great for commuting
  • Comfortable ride
  • Durable frame
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to assemble


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Decahtlon Triban RC 500 review
Buy the Triban RC500 Disc Brake from Decathlon. Our 2022 Budget Bike of the Year testing was handled by regular BikeRadar contributors Simon Withers and Robin Wilmott – two highly experienced testers who have reviewed dozens of road and gravel bikes at the budget end of the market over the years.
2 months ago
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Triban RC500 Review after 2000 miles
I would recommend this bike, the saddle as well that came with it.
Dan Gleebowls
2 months ago
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How good/bad are Decathlon bikes?
Decathlon's mid-range road bikes are excellent value amd good quality. The Triban RC500, RC520 and Van Rysel EDR AF (I didn't see it listed on seem to have the most bang for your buck.
Triban RC500 Best Budget Road Bike?
I think the new redesign of the bike is great and I think it really matches with all of the new cycling kit that they've just released as well. Now I think this is a great idea I Remember in my last reviews I was commenting on the fact that the design was a little old and I think it looked a bit toy like and I'm really happy with the brand-new design.
The One Good Road
2 months ago
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Need a bike for a 63 mile bar crawl
The triban rc500 is probably the bike I'd suggest as well. The redwood is a good bike as well, but targeted more towards off-road and gravel riding. For just road, the triban should be the best.
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Triban RC 500 Review 2021 | Amazing Road Bike for New Road Cyclist
Okay, the last segment that we want to rate this bike on is on its comfort on the riding comfort of this bike. Now definitely this bike deserves a five out of five score. Why? Because the geometry itself actually allows your body to ride at a much more upright posture and coupled with a 28 mm tires, it's just just super comfortable to ride on
Wiser Biker
2 months ago
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Choice between Cube or Triban
I have the triban rc500 which is the Sora version. I really like the bike but if you ever get a puncture you may struggle to remove the tyre and repair it.
Advice on a reliable city bike
I love it but it's not for long trips. I don't think a painless 60km+ is happening unless you get a full on road or gravel sport bike. The Triban RC500 looks interesting but I fear it may be not good enough in any one area, instead of being capable of everything.
First Multi-Speed Road Bike! Help?
Not to mention how uncomfortable these bikes can be with super narrow "pizza cutter" tires at very high pressures. The cheapest new geared road bike I can recommend is the Triban RC500, if you can't stretch to that, at least get something from 2015-ish and up and save yourself the headache of trying to work on really old stuff.
cannondale CAAD 9 worth $600?
I would suggest you to go to decathlon and try buying or ordering the Triban rc500 or triban 540. The rc500 is around the same price, comes with disc brakes, Shimano sora and is really good for the price.



Double side pedal with toe clips