Timex Q

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  • Great for those who want a quartz watch
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Comes with a manual
  • Runs slowly at first, but it's worth it in the end
  • Popular among collectors


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How the Q Timex Swept the Watch World Off Its Feet
It makes you dream, and it gives you a glamorous and chic look to go along with it. Where does this new model fit into the collection — do you imagine customers owning both the Marmont and something in steel, more for everyday wear?The Marmont is special in its uniqueness and allure – you can tell just by the design that it is different from all other Qs before it. Some people will put it on to add glamour to their everyday look and for others, it may not be a watch for everyday use, but for special occasions
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Current State of my Multibrand Collection
\- 2019: **Timex Q**, fell for the hype back then and was lucky to get one of the firsts; don't wear it much, but like it as an alternative to the G-Shock when I'm on vacation and don't want to worry about my watches getting stolen or sandy on a beach. \- 2019: **Nomos Metro 38 Datum**; wanted to have a Nomos for a long time and bought this one to wear at my wedding, but ended up wearing the Omega... still a great fan of Nomos, but I don't wear the Metro too often, might flip this one soon. \- 2020: **IWC Mark XVIII**, had wanted this one for a long time, it was actually the biggest competition to the Speedmaster back in 2017; finally got it last year, wore it daily for all of 2020; love the versatility and the bracelet. \- 2021: **Apple Watch Series 6**, mostly for sport purposes, it replaced my Garmin sport watch,.
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[Timex Q] Just a fun cheap watch to throw on.
This is the Timex Q reissue. My first eBay auction, and I got it for under $100 shipped! I was weary this bracelet would chew up my ample arm hair but so far no problems. The root beer color is so perfect looking and feels so retro I’m going to have to pair it with my burgundy leather jacket with the big lapels.
Great watch
I know it can be a little bit of a hair pincher, but I love the look and feel of this watch. It's also got some weight to it which I really like. The instruction manual is lacking some information though. It does not explain how to set the date and week day.
Bennet E.
9 months ago
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- Timex Q Reissue: even I fell for the hype. It’s a beautiful a watch but some of the initial appeal faded quite quickly.
The New Q Timex GMT Is Worth Playing the Long Game
And, as of just a couple weeks ago, we're talking about the high-flyingest of watches: a GMT. The new Q Timex GMT takes all the things that folks loved about that original reissue, ups the functionality, and adds a few finishing touches that are sure to please vintage and modern watch fans alike. One one version, there's a black dial (versus navy), a simplified date display (versus a day-date), and instead of a woven steel bracelet, a linked one
20 days ago
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[Timex] (New) Old School Cool
While I think both of those models are attractive, I was still waiting for the reissue that really spoke to me. A few days ago I saw their announcement of this Q 1978 reissue and knew that was the Timex I wanted. The tonneau case shape, the period correct acrylic crystal (my first watch with a plexiglass crystal) and the brushed metal finish to the dial all came together just perfectly for me. The size is also very comfortable at 37mm in diameter with 20mm lug spacing.
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This Is the Most Affordable Way to Get a GMT on Your Wrist
Timex’s new Q GMT, on the other hand, does what every great Timex does: it provides classic good looks and a solid, reliable movement at a price that’s within reach for pretty much everyone.
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Poor man's start
Just glancing at this box, it really affirms that the Q Timex Reissue is such a badass watch. It stands out visually and shines like no other.
[Timex] Q GMT
Hi all!. I just wanted to share the new Timex Q GMT I received in the mail recently because I think this watch is quite the stunner. I really like some of the changes that they've made on this model over the standard Timex Q such as the date only window instead of the day/date window, the much improved bracelet, and the spacer under the bezel which used to be black on older Qs is now an unobtrusive silver color that blends with the rest of the watch much better.
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