Thermarest Trail Pro

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Self-inflating
  • R value of 4


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ProView - Thermarest Trail Pro - Dirtbag Dreams - Gear Reviews
Overall I give this sleeping pad four stars out of five as a backpacking sleeping pad.
3 months ago
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I been sleeping on thermal
I been sleeping on thermal rest mattress for years in my trucks as toper to the mattress in truck sleeper to my to touring on my bicycle 60 nights a year. Each one i'v had last year's of 100's of nights of used unfortunately when the get a leak no mater how many patches you apply the air aways finds...
Miles M.
3 months ago
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The most comfortable pad I've ever used
I've been backpacking for nearly four decades across the Rockies, during all four seasons, and have used a handful of different pads over the years and this pad is BY FAR the most comfortable pad I've ever used. When I was younger my body had a higher tolerance for a bad night's sleep and even after...
J. R.
9 months ago
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Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro™ Sleeping Pad - Honest Review
So this is a very very tight/\s/fit The sleeping pad itself is very comfortable/\s/ but for me personally I wish it was just a few/\s/centimeters larger. So because this is exactly my/\s/ length, if I were to have a pillow here, the pillow/\s/would be sliding off and my feet are slightly/\s/ off the pad as well. So yes, for me personally it's/\s/just a little bit small, although it is very very/\s/ comfortable
Rob | Outdoor Prep
3 months ago
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Drew M.
5 months ago
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Very comfortable
I took this pass on a 12 day trek and it held up very well. It was very comfortable. I am 230ish lbs, and it was like being on a bed. Pressure points were not on the ground like what can happen with other pads.
Curtis Duncan
1 year ago
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Hell yea this thing is amazing. After two back fusion 8 years ago I just assumed my backpacking days were over. Then my new son in law wanted me to start back up again and I have struggled with a sleep system that would allow me to sleep away from home. This is the final piece that I had been lookin...
5 months ago
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Comfort cannot be beat
I have tried all thermarest sleeping pads, while there are lighter pads, none are more comfortable. So I ditched the yellow thermarest crinkly pad (great if eight is more important) and kept this pad that weighs an extra pound because I value sleep and comfort.
Jimmy M.
7 months ago
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Lightweight and Great
The size and performance of this pad is better than expected. Highly recommend for car camping or walk in adventures!
Brenda R.
6 months ago
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Self-inflating pad as internal frame/pad?
For my AT thru a few years ago, I did this exact thing. Small Thermarest Pro Lite folded in fourths in a frameless pack. It worked pretty well for me, but ended up having to replace after 1200 miles due to a leak. It was not new when I started and I did not find the leak source, but I doubt it was from folding the pad.



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