Stowa Flieger

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  • Great for collectors
  • Good value for the price
  • Durable and corrosion resistant
  • Unique design
  • Manual wind watch powered by Unitas 6498 movement


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Stowa Flieger Review |
The Flieger is a watch that will wear well on a variety of strap styles, I could see it being worn on anything from a NATO to a vintage styled Tropic Rubber strap. Stowa Flieger Review – Final Thoughts. Stowa is an interesting company that offers a wide array of quality time pieces that you can choose from
19 days ago
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[SOTC] Long time lurker, just bought a new box, thought I'd share my humble collection
Stowa Flieger type B - Always wanted a type B, but couldn't justify having two similar fliegers, until they released a bronze version of the type b recently, well thats my perfect excuse to finally get the type b. Oris pointer date - no special story to it, just love the dial design and bronze case, it has some patina now but I actually like it better when it was shiny, maybe I'll find some time to clean it up. Omega Seamaster 1957 trilogy version - just bought this piece recently but it's the most special watch to me. My parents travelled from Asia to London for my graduation few years ago, my father saw this watch at a shop and fall in love with it, he didn't want to spend so much on a watch, he said he would buy it for me as a graduation gift so he can wear it sometimes as well, I told him to wait a few years so I will buy one for him when I can afford it.
[SOTC] Behold, my (fairly average) stuff!
Stowa Flieger Klassik 40mm (handwinding no date/logo): This was my dream watch in college when I was too broke to buy one. My first watch I bought for myself was a quartz Laco Genf that I won't get rid of. I love aviation and grew up playing too many flight simulators and air combat video games. I'm also a WW2 nerd, so this Stowa is exactly what I wanted.
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Stowa Flieger Bronze Vintage 40mm - The Truth About Watches
Stowa Flieger Bronze Vintage – Conclusion. The original Flieger was a highly legible tool watch – and nothing more. The Stowa Flieger Bronze Vintage is true to form, though understandably smaller than Stowa’s old Luftwaffe-bound monsters
The Stowa Flieger Sport Review – Two Months on the Wrist
The only other negative comment I can make is a slightly grainy feel to the hand winding mechanism. There’s nothing wrong with it, it feels sturdy and has got a little smoother with use, but it is quite a long way from the buttery feel of a Rolex crown. Overall, however, this is a superb watch
19 days ago
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Stowa Flieger (Bronze?, Really like the B). Laco Flieger Pro or Original (Also leaning towards B).
[Stowa] Best Flieger Available?
My opinion, the Stowa Flieger Classic 40. This watch in my opinion punches above its weight, while sticking true to the classic look of the Flieger watch. Temperature-blued hands, a top-grade ETA 2824 movement (while many other manufacturers are moving to Sellitas), just under 1000 USD, a simple dial with no branding, and an Original 5 manufacturer makes for an attractive watch.
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Stowa Flieger Review - Worn & Wound
Conclusion. The Stowa Flieger is a clear win, and in my opinion, worth every penny (otherwise, I wouldn’t own one). It’s a fantastic piece that stays true to the spirit of the original design, with just enough refinement to give you that bang for your buck
19 days ago
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[Stowa] Xmas came early.
As a beginner with limited knowledge on the subject I decided that I should get something of decent quality that was casual or simple in appearance. I set myself a budget of around $1k usd with the goal of finding something informal that I could wear everyday. I decided on the Stowa Flieger classic 40 after a bit of searching and reading up a little on the history of the company and this style of watch.
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[SOTC] First year of watch addiction
Stowa Flieger Klassik 40- As a pilot, this one is my personal favorite. I was shopping for fliegers for quite a while before settling on this one. The simplicity, beautiful movement, and history make it a purchase I will never regret.
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