Steelcase Think

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  • Made for the harsh environment of an office
  • Connection of the back to the base is plastic
  • Some people complain about feeling the wires on the back
  • Lumbar support is too high
  • Old one does not have lumbar support


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Very Happy with My Steelcase chair
it came already assembled, i was having neck issues - that has got better, and it rocks like a rocking chair, love love that - i work remote so i needed something of quality got on YouTube and this was one of the brands they recommended
1 year ago
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It's kind of beat up and I've honestly seen chairs in better condition here for 400-600 usd. Also it's kind of funny since I bought a steelcase think v1 in good condition for 75 euro. Maybe I should have just bought new but I can't really afford to and I want to prevent my back pains from getting worse asap.
Buy new
I don’t think I’ll buy anything refurbished again. Everything about the seat is great but the seat cushion is clearly worn down and not comfortable to sit in. I had to buy a seat cushion for it.
2 years ago
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Think Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support | Steelcase
Smart, simple, sustainable
Configure Now Uncover options to create an inspiring space. Configure Now Buy Now See all the options for your work-from-home upgrade. Buy Now Smart. Simple. Sustainable. Adjustability The Think chair is an adjustable office chair that senses what your body needs. The ...
5 months ago
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I bought a Steelcase Think V1 from an office furniture outlet for $180. I realize now that I overpayed. I originally wanted a Leap V2, but after trying both for a bit, they were similar in comfort enough that I went with the cheaper Think. After spending this week with the chair, I really don't like it.
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Great chair !
I have a lot of problems finding a chair that I can use for several hours at a time. I’m a 5’ tall elderly woman. This chair lets me adjust the length of the seat and my feet both can sit on the floor.
Jill K.
5 months ago
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Expensive but worth it
Not sure why it is as expensive as it is, other than perhaps it was engineered for the harsh environment that is an office (While I have never seen one of these chairs break, the connection of the back to the base is plastic) There is another model similar to this one, but it does not have sideways ...
John St Germain
10 years ago
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BIFL Studying chair / WFH chair
They are great chairs and we used these exclusively for people weighing less than 350 pounds in both offices, field locations and call centers. I've had one at work for around ten years, the only issue I have even seen with these chairs is when people sit on their feet and they ruin / tear the fabric. When I purchased a chair for my home office (\~12 years ago), I purchased a Steelcase Think chair. This is another very comfortable chair.
2022 Steelcase Think Review (Specs, Key Features & Price)
With more features than the Series 1, Series 2 or the Amia, the Steelcase Think is smart, simple to use, made out of sustainable materials, and designed for people who sit for a living.
5 months ago
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lumbar won't budge
This chair is somewhat disappointing. This is the second one I have purchased-- the old one does not have lumbar support. I cannot get the lumbar support on this new chair to budge and it is too high. The company says you just reach behind you and pull it down...not so. Also, I'm 5'3'' and the chair...
7 years ago
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Maximum Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Maximum Seat Height From Floor

21.5 inches

Minimum Seat Height From Floor

16.5 inches

Seat Width

20.25 inches