Steelcase Please

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  • Great for long hours of sitting
  • Armrest is peeling off paint on just touching it
  • Back is not stiff
  • Disappointed by chair condition


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Authentic Steelcase Chair - Brand New - Experience after 2 months
I work from home and was using a standard office chair that I had bought years ago for occasional use. Over time, I found that I was shifting position in my chair a lot and the seat wasn't comfortable for a full 8+ hours. I also found that my neck started to hurt toward the end of the day. I decided...
Jimmy B
2 years ago
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Chair is in Worst condition- premium seating is selling fake products!
Disappointed by chair condition. Armrest is peeling off paint on just touching it. Back is not stiff. Height adjustment does not work smoothly. Have to pull chair up with hands. And chair smells like shoe polish. See photo attached - paint peeling of on just touching armrest.
4 years ago
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This fully adjustable office chair relieves my back pain and supports my entire body — I can sit on it for hours without getting sore
Absolutely yes. The Steelcase Leap V2 office chair is expensive, but cheaper chairs don't come close to matching it on durability or adjustability. This chair can last you a lifetime and save you from back pain
4 months ago
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I was torn between a Steelcase Please V2, a Giroflex G64 and the Kinnarps Capella (but the latter was very hard to come by on the usual sites). I eventually found one for £189 Inc VAT and free delivery (UK) and decided to take the plunge!. I LOVE this chair!. - If you like to sit upright - this chair has a seat that gently slopes forward, but I never feel like I'm sliding off the front.
Brand new Leap bought directly from Amazon
Amazon is doing its customers no favors by mixing together reviews of new and refurbished chairs purchased from different sellers. The chair in this review is brand new and sold directly by Amazon. The price on Amazon is lower than most other places, but be aware that this is an expensive chair. If ...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Steelcase Leap v2 Review: My Opinion 3 Years Later
It also has nice flexible edges, which is good for, depending on how you're using the chair and how you're sitting you can tell like on the front portion here of my forearm, it's nice, that this is a little bit more pliable. So, overall, i think from the seat to the back to the arms, really a comfortable chair, all right guys. So, as i mentioned in my intro, my opinion of this chair has changed just a little bit since i first started using it.
4 months ago
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Beware. These are not "open box" or "customer return" ...
Beware. These are not "open box" or "customer return" chairs. They are refurbished and reconstructed chairs. The fabric is much cheaper than original Steelcase fabric and the parts used to refurbish the chair are not genuine Steelcase parts. Just know that you are getting a sub-standard chair before...
Beverly Jones
5 years ago
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Opinions on sidiz t50 series?
Note that my specific model is the newer white one, with the solid, foam-like lumbar piece, the headrest, and a memory-foam lined seat (I opened the seat fabric to check as this chair allows for seat cover separation from the filling). It is a comfortable chair, albeit not for very long stints. I don't feel the chair bottoming out like some appear to report ("feeling plastic") despite me being slightly heavier than most people. What I do feel is some discomfort after about 1h straight on the chair, in contrast to only feeling it about 2-3h on my other premium chairs (Steelcase Please v2, Haworth Zody, but the Fern is kind of on para with the t50).
Either Amazon sold me a fake or these chairs are garbage.
The tension knob has lost most of its strength and all of the plastics on this chair have worn terribly, feels like a cheap rubberized remote control after years of abuse by a toddler that drinks too much orange juice, a very sticky feeling, I tried cleaning them with every online method suggested a...
2 years ago
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Chair is okay, warranty through Office Designs/Steelcase less than satisfactory
The chair is fine. Just fine. It has many features that can help you get a good fit. So when all of the features were working properly on my Leap, I had no complaints. It's solid, squeak-free and reasonably comfortable. Six months after owning, while moving the lumbar support, the guide rails on the...
2 years ago
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Maximum Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Maximum Seat Height From Floor

20.5 inches

Minimum Seat Height From Floor

15.5 inches

Seat Width

19.25 inches