Steelcase Amia Air

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  • Great for lower back pain
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Arm rests swivel so you can have them at an angle if you want to
  • Ability to adjust almost every aspect of the chair
  • In the context of today's information overload


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Extremely adjustable, very comfortable.
Keep in mind I'm a 5'2 woman so I appreciated that I could sit with my back actually on the backrest instead of having to scoot all the way to the front so that my legs could touch the floor. The ability to adjust almost every aspect of the chair was appreciated and made it so comfortable I could fa...
2 years ago
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Amia + Amia Air
With integrated LiveBack™ technology and a breathable, transparent aesthetic, Amia Air is ideal for busy people and growing organizations who excel at doing more with less.
4 months ago
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Is anybody already tried to add foam to a desk chair?
That chair is not very good, it's not smart to put $35+your labour because the end product it's still going to suck. If you don't want to spend much you should save and try to snatch a used Steelcase Leap or Steelcase Amia on eBay/Facebook marketplace/craiglist. Herman Miller Aeron also nice, but a little bit more expensive.
Steelcase Amia Air Product Review - Mr. Hipster
And the Air version of this thing just looks cooler. Plus, I saved on the $800+ retail price, including tax that I would have otherwise paid to build the exact same chair on Steelcase’s site. The Amia Air is super-solid and looks just as great as I expected
4 months ago
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Steelcase Amia Chair • Deals, Reviews & Trending Products | SERP Shop
.Quality & durability – designed to withstand 24/7 use while providing maximum comfort
4 months ago
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Entering year three as a Steelcase Gesture with Headrest owner... still happy. This thing is built like a tank.
The Amia is infinitely more adjustable and Steelcase's 4 way adjustable armrests just blow everything Herman Miller has out of the water. The "sticky" back on Steelcase chairs also makes adjusting the recline of your seating position a breeze. A lot of HM chairs are expensive and look nice, but are built in a very Apple-esque "my way or the highway" kind of "ergonomics" where it's _designed_ to work for everybody but really only if you happen to be the type of person where it works as intended.
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2022 Steelcase Amia Review (Key Features, Specs & Pricing)
Designed by the Steelcase Design Studio in collaboration with industrial designer Thomas Overthun of IDEO, the Amia is a beautiful office chair that’s versatile and customizable. The Amia is available in a stool version, as well as the Amia Air, which has a specially engineered geometric backrest design and uses Integrated LiveBack Technology to provide dynamic back support.
4 months ago
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What chair is everyone using
Highly recommend going to a local seller and trying to out a chair first. I went there to buy a Herman Miller or Steelcase Leap. Didn't buy either. Bought a Steelcase Amia instead.
Amia + Amia Air - OfficeScapes
DESIGN STORY The Amia chair was designed by Steelcase, in collaboration with industrial designer,Thomas Overthun of IDEO.
“Innovations such as the LiveLumbar™ mechanism have been incorporated into the overall shape rather than made explicit on the chair’s outside. Technology quietly serving, rather...
4 months ago
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Steelcase Amia Office Chair Review
Amia chairs are definitely worth your time and Steelcase chairs are a very good buy. Plus, the Steelcase customer service, 10 year Steelcase warranty, and the actual chair being shipped to you fully assembled doesn’t hurt either. Other top office chairs include the Steelcase Gesture, Herman Miller chairs, the Leap chair, Amia Air, the Steelcase Think chair, and the Herman Miller Aeron
4 months ago
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Furniture Finish


Maximum Weight Recommendation

300 Pounds



Seat Height

21 Inches