Staples Dexley

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  • Great for office or home office setups
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • Wide seats
  • Reclining positions


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Very disappointed the seat came apart.
This chair is comfortable and seemed pretty well built until the seat started coming apart after using it for just over 2 months.
Mary Jeffries
2 years ago
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Staples Dexley vs Hyken Office Chairs Comparison | Latest Chairs
6 Inches WidthChair Height49.7 Inches 50.8 inchesArmrestsNarrow armrestsWider ArmrestsArmrest AdjustmentRigid and difficult to adjust while seatingSofter armrests and easier to adjustLegroomNarrow legroomMore legroomWheels or CastersLittle cheap wheelsBigger and better wheelsLevers2 levers for lock-in and going up and down1 lever to go up and down and recliningMeshMesh all around the seatMesh is stitched to plastic at the endsSeat PaddingFoam padding underneath mesh seatsFoam padding underneath mesh seatsColorCharcoal Gray, Black, and MaroonOnly BlackHeadrestOnly TiltsGoes up and down and tiltsWeight Load Capacity275 Pounds275 poundsStaples Dexley vs HykenMaterials: Though both the chairs are made from mesh fabric still Dexley chair has mesh stitched to plastic at the side edges, unlike Hyken where the mesh is all around the seat
4 months ago
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PC elitism
My recommendation for a chair, the Dexley from Staples if you see it on sale. It's normally around $300 but I got it on sale for half price, and it's pretty comfortable.
[FURNITURE] FlexFit™ Hyken Mesh Task Chair, Black (UN59460) | Staples - $159.00 Free Deliverly
If you are a taller or wider person (I'd say 5'10ish or taller) look into the Dexley chair from Staples instead. I sat in both side by side in store. The Dexley has an almost identical design but is definitely made with bigger frames in mind.
[Chair] Staples Hyken Chair - $189.99
the dexley is a better choice for most especially if you are taller individual. Also as OP pointed out, these 2 chairs go on sale for 130 to 145 quite often so if you dont need it now then def. wait.
Seat ripped after 1 year of 8 hours a day seating
6'1 250 lbs male. Seat ripped on the left side after less than 1 year. Also, the adjustments aren't designed well. Bought this chair in order to save money compared to higher end chairs; now I'm back to shopping. other big item: the seat sits VERY forward, even when adjusted to the max setting. This...
2 years ago
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Best Office/Gaming Chair
I would recommend getting a Staples dexley or Hyken for now. They regularly go on sale for slightly over a hundred.
[CHAIR] Union & Scale™ FlexFit Dexley Mesh Task Chair, Blue (UN59375) - $149.99 ($249.99 40% off)
$130 for the dexley is pretty good. ~~Edit: seems like the general use coupon code expired but there are one-time use coupons that are still valid that Staples mailed out last week. I'd recommend holding out for a coupon. Two weeks ago it was $30 of $150 and I bought a motherboard with it.
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The mesh seat fabric failed quickly
The mesh seat fabric pulled away from the frame after just a few months of use. I expected much better quality considering the price. I could also find no replacement seats making it a complete throwaway. I would not recommend, nor would I buy another mesh chair from Staples. As for comfort, the lum...
Tom G
8 months ago
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I looked at and sat in the ikea markus, staple's hyken, staple's dexley and every other chair that was at staple's and Ikea. I was between the hyken and markus, but what I didn't like about the markus was the cushion seemed too small and the hyken felt too tight and cheap. The dexley was more comfortable for me but didn't have the option to tilt lock.




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