Skechers GO RUN Maxroad 5

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  • Great for walking
  • Super well designed shoe with great cushioning and durability
  • Lightweight
  • Goodyear rubber should make them last
  • It'S big, it's soft


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Loving them
Comfortable and I love the color. I will be wearing them to work and at home. Recommend them to anyone who has to be on their feet on a day in and day out.
10 months ago
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New Balance Rebel V2 at 269 miles. :(
Great complimentary shoe to each other. The maxroad 5 is more stable and cushioned than the rebel2 and it is also responsive. I enjoy it as much as my Asics Novablast 1, has similar trampoline/bounce affect.
MaxRoad 5s are my favorite Skechers road shoes yet
Super well designed shoe with great cushioning and durability. The MaxRoad 5 is my first pair of Skechers that fit according to my normal shoe sizing. Tried my 1st pair, loved it, and bought 2nd pair to add to rotation. This is my 3rd model of Skechers, previously using GoRuns. GoRuns are really goo...
10 months ago
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Long distance running shoe that rides similarly to the Clifton 8?
Skechers' Maxroad 5 and/or GoRun Ride 9 are both great and fairly durable if you want something that's fairly cush but not quite as much as the Clifton. Asics' Glideride has a really intense rocker to it but generally does really well with heel strikers and is very stable underfoot, plus plenty of cushion.
Suggestions for a non plated marathon shoe
Skechers Maxroad 5. Cushion enough for the distance, light enough for the pace.
Skechers GoRun Maxroad 5 Review | Max Cushion Daily Trainer
Five people, if you are looking for for a max cushion daily trainer check it out, there's a lot to be said for it. I really do think that i think the improvements they've made, especially you know, with getting rid of that knit upper which was really hot and putting that h plate in there. Adding the stability to the great um hyper burst compound that they've got in this shoe yeah
4 months ago
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has anybody tried out the NB Prism V2
Skechers Go Run Razor+ or Hoka Rincons or Brooks Hyperion Tempo are stable without posting or traditional stability stuff. They worked for me who used to be a Kayano runner
These shoes are great!
These shoes are lightweight, comfortable and make walking easier with the way the soles are made. Goodyear rubber should make them last.
1 year ago
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Novablast 2 after 2 runs
I’m waiting for these to be delivered on Thursday. I couldn’t choose between these and the Skechers Maxroad 5 so I bought both. I’m hoping at least one works well for me.
Novablast 2 or Mach 4?
BUT, I'd recommend looking at the Skechers Maxroad 5. It's a nicely cushioned recovery/daily trainer with a light upper and the Hyperburst midsole foam is a great balance of comfortable cushion and just enough "pop" to add a little fun to the run.


Heel Stack

39 mm

Forefoot Stack

33 mm

Heel-Toe Offset

6 mm