Sinn 556i

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  • Great for sports
  • Comfortable bracelet
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Not the blackest watch money can buy


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Sinn 556i - Full Review - The Truth About Watches
Once again, a high quality watch is dragged down by cheap-feeling metal.
[Sinn] 556i Black Mother of Pearl
Overall, a very solid, well-built watch, that has great proportions and size, wears so comfortably on the wrist, has 200m water resistance, and looks wonderful in any setting. I love this watch!.
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[Sinn] Buy well, buy once.
This is the Sinn 556i that I am wearing since 2019. This is for me the best watch and probably the only one I should own. This feel rock solid, it's accurate, nice, doesn't attract attention, it went with me on several aventures (on the top of the Matterhorn last year), the deep glossy black dial is beautiful, its small yet masculine, the bracelet is comfortable.
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[Current Collection] For your comments/criticism
2. Sinn 556i - purchased with my first bonus after college (pretty much all of the after-tax bonus, if I remember correctly). This is an awesome all-rounder and such a great piece to have for any situation.
[Sinn] The Sinn 556i
This is my new Sinn 556i. I absolutely love how this watch wears on the wrist.
[SOTC] All Synced Up With No Place to Be
Granted, that is one chore I don’t mind doing. Looking at you, laundry pile. While the Sinn 556i Weiss is far less stunning on initial inspection, aesthetically, it is a great looking and wearing watch that I thoroughly enjoy have the pleasure of beating or dressing up.
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Introducing the Sinn 556i in Four Surprising Colors - Worn & Wound
Omega recently announced an array of Aqua Terras seemingly aimed at picking up the slack from Rolex’s waitlists, which is logical, but if you had told me that Sinn was going to get in on the party, I would have looked at you with some disbelief. Yet, here we are with four jewel-toned 556is that I never saw coming, and I have to say, I love ‘em.
19 days ago
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[Sinn] German Tool Watch
My Sinn 556i on a Cincy Strap Co. Seatbelt NATO. I'm really loving this watch. It's legible, well crafted, and sturdy.
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[Recommendation] Looking for a dressy sports watch ~$1k for my wedding/literally the rest of my life
I would throw out my recommendation for a Sinn 556i... Can be found in the $800-$1000 range. 200m of water resistance. 38mm case size, Swiss ETA Automatic movement.
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[Tudor] Black Bay 36 - im in love!
I love that 36mm size, my next watch for sure will be in that size too. What more i can say, lume is just great, quality of bracelet in amazing. All this make this watch some kind piece of art with SOUL.