Sinn 104

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  • Great for everyday wear
  • Matte bead blasted finish is a nice touch
  • Limited production makes it an exclusive item
  • Not too big, not too small, just right for most wrists
  • Nice value


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Sinn 104 A St Sa Full Review - The Truth About Watches
If you’re looking to maximize your tool watch dollar with an elegant everyday everywhere timepiece designed to take the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, the Sinn 104 fits the bill. Sinnply the best? The Yema Navygraf gives the Sinn a run for the money, but the 104’s beefy H-link bracelet, handsome dial and perfect proportions make it a Sinngular sensation.
[Sinn 104] Got my short-term grail and first higher-end watch
A week later I couldn’t resist the value of a $80 SNK807. I found myself spending all day watching watch-related YouTube videos or scrolling through this subreddit and quickly fell in love with the Sinn 104 after seeing someone post theirs here. At the time, about a month ago, I was thinking “maybe when I graduate in a few years I can justify spending 1.5k on a watch”. Well after getting deeper and deeper into my love for watches along with lots of deliberating and questions in the inquirer thread, I decided to pull the trigger.
[Sinn] Happy Saturday
I fell in love with Sinn after visiting their boutique in downtown Frankfort when I was in Germany for work. I tried on the 104, 103, 837, and a few others. Also got to compare the fine link bracelet vs the H link. Ultimately I thought the 104 was the best proportioned, I love the polished case (tegiment is awesome but the darker gray appearance was a little too... industrial) and the fine link bracelet most comfortable.
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This is the best addition to the collection, the limited edition Sinn 104. These are still available to buy brand new from an AD in Australia, which is lucky for me!.
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[Sinn 104] Started off my collection today!
Hey there r/watches. I’ve been lurking for a bit and finally decided to pull the trigger on my first substantial watch: the Sinn 104. It was a tough decision between the black and anthracite dials but alas I went with what I deemed the safer choice for a daily driver. I am pretty thrilled with it so far as it seems to go well with pretty much everything I own.
[SOTC] My three watch collection
Last but not least, the Sinn 104 is my “beater” watch, since in my lifestyle nothing I do would ever actually damage it, but it is the watch I would wear when going hiking or to the dog park with my pups. I love these three equally, with the BB58 as perhaps the first among equals. In the watch community these choices may look basic and overrated, but I love how virtually no one I know has heard of any of these brands. I’m all about that stealth luxury, no Rolex for me!
[Sinn] Purchased my first grail watch
So after much research and lots of YouTube videos I finally decided where to spend my hard earned money. I wanted the most watch for my money and I landed on the Sinn 104. The green variant was very tempting but I decided to go with the white dial and polished case.
[Tudor Black Bay 58] My first "luxury" timepiece
I've been eyeing the watch since I purchased my Sinn 104, and decided to sell it to help finance this one. If any of you are on the fence about this watch, DON'T BE! Only had it a couple days but this thing is an absolute strap monster. Just look at how this specific shade of green still pairs stunningly with the watch.
[Sinn] U50 Fully Tegimented
Built from submarine steel that is then hardened, I don't anticipate removing this thing from its bracelet and expect the watch to look about the same a decade from now. Let's start with the fit of the watch, If you have ever handled a Sinn 104, it wears very similarly. With that being said, it has a different curvature about the lugs, and sits on the wrist a bit better in my opinion. It is also a little under 1mm thinner, which is noticeable on the wrist.
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[SINN 856 UTC] A go-anywhere package.
Sinn watches are very well engineered, packed with useful tech, and tend to fly under the radar. This watch is antimagnetic, good in extreme temperatures and pressures, has a date & gmt function, filled with argon gas, has copper sulphate capsules, and is tegimented on the case and bracelet. It’s a tool watch through and through. I have a Sinn 104 in my collection, and love it, but was looking to add a gmt to the stable.
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