Shimano Curado K

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  • Great for beginners
  • Durable and tough
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price point
  • Shimano's entire engineering ethos is "buy it for life"


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Shimano Curado K Reel Review - USAngler
Conclusion The Shimano Curado K has earned the hype attending its release. It’s an incredible reel that delivers top-notch quality, bomb-proof durability, and a refinement that--to many anglers--rivals the Chronarch series. That it does so at its price-point is amazing, and if you haven’t tried the Curado K, you don’t know what you’re missing!
2 months ago
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I normally buy all of my gear on tackle warehouse, but the left hand shimano curado ks were sold out everywhere. I found one at sportsman's and was under the impression it was brand new as it was "factory sealed" and was charged full price (179.99). I got home, opened it, found the reel out of the bubble wrap, the instruction manuals were all balled up and wrinkled, the reel itself had superficial scratches, and a piece off the breaking system cover had been glued back on.
Buy it!
I have bass fished tournaments for over 20 years and have 40 combos, mostly Revos. I no longer own a Revo. I sold every single Revo I own. These are the nicest smoothest casting reel I have ever fished. The people that say they feel cheap, don't know what a Ci4 carbon side plate is. This reel out ca...
4 years ago
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The reel of 100,000 casts...
I got “hooked” on Shimano Curados over 20 years ago and my original Green Bantam just died on the water last weekend. So sad to throw it away. I’ve purchased 5 Curados now, and love everything about this model, the “I”, the “K” and the “70” are all fantastic... I will purchase nothing else. They are...
Matthew Motl
3 years ago
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What is a good bait caster starter?
If you can spend another 60 dollars buy a higher level reel. Shimano has the Curado K or buys whatever you like made by a quality manufacturer. Two hundred buys a very nice reel. I have been fishing for over 50 years, using baitcasters for 40.
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Shimano Curado K Review (200 HG)
and for 70 dollars less, I would say it's absolutely worth it.
BigBite Bassin
2 months ago
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Reel recommendations? Looking for a good casting reel below 200 dollars
I have a Curado K 201HG, and the 2021 Tatula SV TW HSL. Tatula throws the lighter baits better, but I think for what you want the Curado would be better. I would skip the SLX DC and just get the $180 Curado before February 1st (That's when the price will increase).
Awesome reel
I’ve had every Curado made. I still have all of them. All are in great shape & work flawlessly, even the G model. By far, the K casts the furthest, with the least effort. I’ve never had any of the problems that any of the people on this site are talking about. I’m starting to think that a lot of you...
Donkey Dick
6 months ago
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easily the thing that stood out the most
Very smooth drag, easily the thing that stood out the most. I was fighting a sheepshead and it was pulling some line off the reel. The line did not jerk and put unnecessary strain on my leader. Only complaint would be the circular mode switch is very stiff. Just unlatch the side plate and loosen the...
5 years ago
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SHIMANO CURADO K (2 Year Review): Why You Shouldn't Buy the Curado K!
The reason I would not get this reel is if you have the extra money to spend on something like this, as good as this really is, this is better. One negative about this reel is it's a little bit heavy. so that's one reason that something you might want to consider if you're really going for like a lot set up
Fishin' with Tate
2 months ago
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