Daiwa Fuego CT

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  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth and buttery
  • Barely backlashes
  • Feels awesome
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Great reel. Smooth and buttery.
9 months ago
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Finally spent over $50 on a reel. Pairing with a St Croix Mojo Bass Rod for Smallmouth fishing in rivers.
Finally spent more than $100 on a rod and decided it needed better than a Bass Pro $50 reel. Was immediately impressed with how much lighter the Daiwa Fuego was than the Bass Pro reel. Can’t wait to get this onto the rod and out on the river.
Best buy for your money
barely backlashes and great with light line. Casts a mile.
Robert Barker
2 years ago
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Pretty new to Fishing as a whole. But I’m looking to pick up my first Baitcaster combo, what do you guys think of this Rod?
The most common suggestion for beginner baitcasters around here is the Daiwa Fuego CT and a Daiwa AIRD-X. The reel can be found for $85 on Amazon or ebay. The rod can be had for $50. It is slightly more expensive than this combo, but the value is so much greater.
Best bait casting setups (combo or seperate) under 150$
Daiwa Fuego CT and Daiwa Aird X… I have 3 of these combos in different gear ratios and rod stiffnesses. Fantastic value for money.
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First baitcaster
Little bit over 150 for both, but I just got a Daiwa Fuego and put it on a Daiwa Aird X for my first baitcasting setup. Been great so far, very smooth.
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Best Bang for the buck
This is the most expensive baitcaster I have purchased but I have to say it feels like it should be priced way higher, like $50-$100 higher. Well worth your money. Other retailers sell this for $99.99 so on Amazon, this is a great deal. I bought it mainly to replace a junk KastKing baitcaster I had ...
Nick R
4 years ago
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Which freshwater spinning reel?
Skip the kastking doesn't hold up as well as the Daiwa offerings. Buy the Daiwa BG or the Daiwa Fuego for around the same the same price if you want a lighter weight reel to cast all day with.
Need help looking for a new reel (up to 100) to match with my new okuma sst light rod. Primarily trout fishing and some small bass.
Daiwa Fuego LT. The Pfleuger President isn’t a bad reel, but it can’t compare to the Daiwa Fuego. The Fuego has a bigger main gear (more durable), a dual bearing pinion support (one bearing at the top of the pinion gear, one on the bottom) which is a more durable design and it makes the reel smoother under load, it’s overall more refined feeling (smoother, lighter, less play between parts) and it has a system that keeps water out of the guts of the reel (magseal). A way better choice at around $100.
Sick reel
Love the spinners.
1 year ago
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