Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106

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  • Great for pet owners
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Battery lasts for 12 minutes on high power, 17 minutes on low power
  • Takes 4-6 hours to charge


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Top reviews

Perfect vacuum cleaner, makes me hate vacuuming a whole lot less
I waited almost a year to write this review. This is the best little vacuum cleaner in the universe. Everything about the design is thoughtful. Convenient to take apart and empty, put back together, remove and clean the filter, recharge. Ease of use is unparalleled due to light weight and rotating h...
5 years ago
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Great Vacuum
I've had this vacuum for over 3 years. I am looking to replace it simply because I have worn it out. The vacuum's battery has started to go and the brush is pretty worn. I have used the heck out of this thing and in no way thought it was a waste of money. I bought it for under 100 and see now its ov...
2 years ago
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Powerful Suction, can vacuum whole house 2200 SQ Ft without losing power
I Love this Shark Cordless lightweight vacuum, setup very simple. Amazing suction, picks up well on my plush thick carpet, easy to handle. One story, 4 bedrooms, family room, living/dining room. Hallway large kitchen nook, service porch, 3 baths n hall tiled. Its a joy to vacuum, No More hassling co...
kathryn Conti
2 months ago
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The perfect lightweight vacuum for everyday cleaning.
In love! Bought this while waiting for a part for my Dyson but I'm completely in love with it. Super lightweight, easy to use and clean.
Lily Ice
2 months ago
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This Shark Navigator still going strong after ten years, four homes and three children. It has only needed periodic filter changes and has outlived two other vacuums that attempted to replace it.
You should know that Shark does not play well with anyone. Apart from filters and belts, parts are not available for them. If it breaks—the powerhead hose on some it its models, for instance—you need to mail it to Shark to get it fixed.
the navigator by shark is the best cordless vacuum
This little shark will without a doubt be the best thing you have ever purchased. I use it on a daily basis and the charge stays well enough to do the job. The pick up is awesome it really picks up all types of dust and dirt plus food etc.
7 years ago
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I loved this little cordless vac....until it suddenly DIED yesterday. I've only had it two months and I've used it on my bare floors about a dozen times or so. I think it's the charger, not the vacuum, but you can't use one without the other. You pay shipping to have it fixed (both ways mind you) an...
Maggie Hanus, Soap Bartender
5 years ago
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Great, but no light???
I had an earlier version of this that I loved, loved, loved! I got a treasure truck offer on this one and bought instantly, since it says it works on pet hair. I didn't read any reviews, didn't look at other features, because eh, I already had one and knew how awesome it is... CONS They took out the...
2 months ago
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Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) - Setup/Review
com and we have the Shark Navigator. It's a cordless vacuum I hate cord.
Mike's Reviews & Tutorials
1 month ago
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Am I being scammed?
They are correct. Shark does not sell individual parts for repairs they only sell the whole head assembly or body/motor assembly for near the price of a new vacuums.




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