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Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2

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  • Great for saltwater and freshwater
  • Strong enough to handle salmon and other saltwater fish
  • Sensitive enough for trout
  • Durable, strong, versatile
  • Braided line complimented it nicely


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Top reviews

old ones are better
I have been an Ugly Stik fan my whole life. The gx2 is garbage. Their new " ugly tough " eyes are made out of stainless steel. Braid will destroy them, the old school ones withstood grooving a lot better than these. Come on Shakespeare, make a decent rod with porcelain eyes. Don't Market a product s...
5 years ago
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Nothing special, Nothing expensive, but its all mine and I'm proud of that!
The ugly stik gx2 is one of the best rods ever made I’ve had mine for a long time
Best rod for this price point, perfect inshore rod..7ft 1pc
Used it twice so far and landing a Redfish in the 26in range really tested the rod. This is an awesome rod so far paired with Penn 2500 for inshore fishing. Just the right amount of stiffness for spinning reels. A great price to so picked up two of them.
4 years ago
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Absolutely the best pack rod.
Had to buy a second one due to my girlfriend forgetting my last one at the boat landing. This is a very nice pole. Not as sensitive as a graphite rod but I always break any graphite rod I have ever owned. I fish on a rough river. I'm always tossing my gear in the boat or my car and I have never ever...
6 years ago
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This is an excellent rod I use nothing but Shakespeare rods specifically Ugly ...
This is an excellent rod I use nothing but Shakespeare rods specifically Ugly Stik this particular Rod I use for catfishing so I can hit the holes where the fish are I put heavy weight and I use the 7 foot length to make sure I get that out there and so far it hasn't disappointed me it was built hea...
Paul Riendeau
4 years ago
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Ugly Stik - can't go wrong
as noted before on other Ugly Stik reviews.. they are awesome Rods - you can't go wrong with using a Ugly Stik. I now have 4 Ugly Stik rods, different types for different styles of fishing. I have caught literally hundreds of fish - different species in just a couple years of using these Rods. highl...
Patrick Potter
4 years ago
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Poor quality control
Inspected the rod when it arrives. Quality control must be lacking at the factory. The rod had blemishes on it. On the wraps that hold the guides on the rod, it should have been all black and had a nice clear coat applied over them. The one I received had what speckles on a few of the wraps. It may ...
2 years ago
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Me and my fiancé actually bought two of these for the both of us. We had been doing research into which poles would be good for typical lake/river fishing, but could also be used in salt water areas/ocean fishing. They’re strong enough for both! Love love love this pole! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
4 years ago
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Always Fishing
I have always heard the Ugly Stik was like holding a tree branch and had no sensitivity. Well I bought 2 of the GX2 model in 7'0 medium heavy and let me tell you I have a lot of rods including 3 Fenwick HMG models and I believe the Ugly Stik is as sensitive as they are. I have since bought 4 more ex...
Roy A. West
6 years ago
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I think that fly fishing would be pretty common in this situation too and I have some experience with it, but probably not the task to take on right now. I think the ugly stik gx2 combo probably would work for both but again I have flexibility if something a little more expensive would be a significant upgrade. So for line, it seems like for the ultralight a 10 pound braid with a fluorocarbon leader would work well to let me cast out light things a good distance.


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