Fenwick HMG

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  • Great for inshore fishing
  • Good for walleye and trout
  • Backbone to fight large fish
  • Sensitive to the touch
  • Perfectly balanced and sensitive


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Bullet Proof Warranty
I bought a HMG66M seven years ago from Bass Pro Shops. This past summer the tip snapped in two when I was pulling on a snag.
Contacted Fenwick warranty department and they promised to send me a replacement. I thought I was getting just a new tip. Five months later (delayed due to COVID-19) I rece...
10 months ago
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Hello I’m new to fishing and I want your input to see if I’m picking the right gear. Do you think this is a decent starter kit?. I have been non stop researching for the past 2 weeks and I can’t seem to pull the trigger. I plan to fish at lakes, ponds and areas like that. Please HEELLLLPPP!!!
I do feel like you could probably get a bit more value for your money with something like a 7 foot medium Fenwick HMG, and a Daiwa Revros, Regal, Or Pflueger President reel. The budget level 13 reels I have used didn’t really impress me for the price.
MODEL # HMG70M-FS Great hook sets
I now own 2 HMG medium power fast action rods because for the money there the best pole on the market. I often use the for inshore casting for walleye and the hook sets are deadly. I never miss an eye with this pole because the fast action tip with braid line sinks the hook in deep. This pole is lig...
5 years ago
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Worth the money
I have had this rod for a couple of months and have used it on a 5 day trip on the Buffalo River AR and a 2 week trip to the BWCA MN. After the trip to AR, I bought a second one. I have several HMG rods and this one is typical Fenwick quality. The case is a great option and my Diawa BG 1500's fit pe...
Mitch Steel
4 years ago
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If you had 180 US Dollars to buy a 7'2 to 7'4 Medium Heavy fast rod for Bass fishing. What brand would you consider?
Fenwick HMG. I personally feel that all of these are better rods for the same or not much more money than a Mojo bass. Some of them significantly better than the Mojo.
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Fenwick HMG Spinning Rod Review- Only Inshore Rod You NEED???
The lighter ones work awesome and it's just a fun fight when he catch a trout which is really would I bought them for because I wanted that fun fight not overpowering the fish and just being out of force again and actually have a fun fight with the fish for once. So if I was gonna say my rating for this durability standpoint and a seven a half to eight I mean for the price, he really can't beat that. $99 for rod is not expensive
Lethal Lure
2 months ago
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Perfectly balanced and sensitive to the touch with the backbone to fight large fish. I was successful with harvesting a 29” trout with ease.
John Marx
4 months ago
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What’s a good upgrade after Ugly Stik GX2?
For $100 just for the rod I would say hands down your best bet is a Fenwick HMG. They hit significantly above their price range and will be a whole different experience compared to your GX2.
Won't be my last HMG.
7'6'light. Moderate action 2=8 lb line. Got it yesterday, took it trout fishing at Lewiston Lake today. It is a flowing body of water with very strong trout, tasty too. I was looking for a few for the table. Landed 4, lost 3, missed at least 6 more, in about 3 hours. Nice afternoon. I paired this up...
John Oswald
4 years ago
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Best all around rod I’ve ever owned
I have owned a medium fast action hmg for over a year now and I cannot say enough about it. Paired with a penn battle II 2500 spooled with 20# braid I have caught everything from 3 pound smallmouth in Massachusetts to 40 pound black drum in Florida. This rod will not fail you. It will not. Period.



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