Berkley Lightning

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  • Great for largemouth and smallmouth bass
  • Lightweight, sensitive, and looks good
  • First time out and the rod snapped just
  • Berkley 7' lightning baitcasting Rod,many dollars less and
  • For the cost they're hard to beat


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Great bang for the buck
This is probably the best rod for under $40 out there.
Lightweight, sensitive, and looks good.
My main rods that I use for bass fishing are Shimano Crucials and while those are nicer, you're talking about a $150+ rod.
You could buy 4 Berkeley Lightning rods for the same price as 1 Crucial whi...
3 years ago
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9-yr old son wants to start fishing....
Try a Pflugger President reel with a medium light Berkley Lightning Rod. Probably 7’ or next size smaller. For the price a great combo with super feel and action. My go to jig stick for early walleye...
How can you beat this.
I have a Berkely 6'6' Lightning Rod I purchased a few years back because I like the feel of it and this is one of my favorite bass rods for largemouth and smallmouths,anyway I was looking at 100 to 400 dollar baitcasting outfits and guess what I found, the Berkley 7' lightning baitcasting Rod,many d...
9 years ago
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Great seller
These are strong rods and very responsive!
6 years ago
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Love this rod
I bought this a couple months ago and love it nice smooth far and accurate cast. I've couht bass, trout and pickerel so far and had no problems. Worth $40 to me all day.
4 years ago
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Is the Berkley lightning rod good?
Berkley Lightning Rod is a great entry level rod. From my experience I have found them lighter, more sensitive, and more aesthetically pleasing than the often recommended Ugly Stik.
Looks good. Will update after fishing trip in June
Looks good. Will update after fishing trip in June.
7 years ago
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Berkley Lightning casting rod review(bang for your buck!!!)
Yeah guys, that's my opinion on the Berkeley Lightning Rod. Uh, let me know if you guys like these reviews and if let me know in the comments what you want me to review next reels. More rods tackle different things like that
JC outdoors
2 months ago
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Good rod
Good rod, bought a medium heavy rod for bass fishing and it works perfect for heavy cover. Good buy for the price.
Harry 123
4 years ago
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One of my favorite cheap rods Walmart $40
I own some great high end gear, but these old Berkley Lightning Rod Shocks have landed alot of fish for me over the years. They're not the most sensitive things in the world, but they're a fantastic reaction bait rod. Berkley stopped making them, so when I find them I but them. IMO, it was a huge mistake replacing these with the clear handle plastic things.


Fishing Rod Type

Spinning Rods

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84.00 x 2.50 x 1.00 Inches