Sennheiser HD800S

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  • Great for studio monitoring
  • Sound is very detailed and clear
  • They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Price point is reasonable
  • Headphones are durable and can withstand a lot of wear


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Sennheiser HD 800 S Review - The Perfect Audiophile Headphone for Every Genre?
ConclusionSennheiser HD 800 S is sure to be one of the most balanced headphones available.
Technology is improving, and while TOTL makers seem to really jack the price up on a lot of models, I have no doubt that new and exciting technological advances in headphones will start coming out in the following years, and, I doubt that all of it will be the price of an Abyss TC or a Susvara. In five year's time, for all we know, the current TOTLs will look like antiquated peasant technology because some new and exciting tech will get developed for a fraction of the cost, and, there will be new endgames to chase and new things to save up for. Rinse and repeat, the cycle will keep repeating. For now, I'm going to keep enjoying my Stellia, HD650, and my HD800S while I wait for new flagship models to come out over the next few years.
Expensive But Quality That Matches The Price
There's a distinct law of diminishing returns when it comes to high-end audio gear. I suppose that can be said for any kind of product but weighing the pros and cons and determining the "value" of a headphone like this is purely up to the beholder since sound is so subjective and people hear things ...
Virtuoso Fan
6 years ago
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Very nice headphones...but still deciding if they were worth the money
I've purchased two pairs of these. I bought a pair of these for my older brother as a present for a milestone birthday, and then splurged and got myself a pair a few months later around Christmas after listening to him rave about them throughout 2016. My brother would give these 10 stars, and while ...
Adam Wood
6 years ago
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Ngl, I am loving Senn's 75th anniversary so far.
I am listening to my HD800S while reading this. I own many headphones, and the HD800S offers tremendous value for the sales asking price.
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Aside from the obvious hardware differences like dynamic vs planar, it seems like HD800S is more analytical and details in the highs with a wider soundstage at the cost of less bass, while the Arya is much better with low/mid coverage with decent highs and decent soundstage. I'm not sure which of these attributes would be better suited for what I'm looking for. In terms of running these headphones, I'm thinking of going with a premium DAC/amp combo of Topping D90SE + Topping A90 which (from my research) seems more than powerful enough to drive these cans to their full potentials while providing ample headroom.
Sennheiser HD800 review: Sennheiser HD800
For CDs, we switched over to our Woo Audio WA6 Special Edition headphone amplifier, which significantly improved the HD 800s' overall sound quality, most notably in the dynamics and resolution of fine detail.
Steve Guttenberg
1 month ago
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They actually sound shockingly good, and I say that as someone who normally uses the Valve Index (famed for the sound quality of its off-ear headphones) and the $1000+ Sennheiser HD800s! And despite how far they are from your ears, they don't actually *sound* like they're that far away.
Headset cord connection defective, quality issues
Brand new headphone. Went to change the cord and when pulling the left side connection out of the headphone the part that should have remained in the headset pulled out and the wires broke. I"m aware that the cable is to be pulled straight out without turning. It looks like there should be some sort...
Dave G
4 years ago
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Life Like Sound
Have you ever thought someone was knocking on your door, but it ended up being a sound playing through your headphones? The HD800s encompasses this experience in one of the most expansive soundstages of any headphones I have personally listened to. I find myself questioning if I forgot to switch my ...
Big Yoshi
3 months ago
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