Hifiman Sundara

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  • Great for neutral sound
  • Comfortable
  • Good build quality
  • Open back design is good for mixing and monitoring
  • Planar magnetic drivers are good for detail and resolution


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HiFiMan Sundara 2020
They're the next generation of the HiFiMan Sundara 2018 and are advertised to have redesigned ear cup padding. They're very comfortable, although they trap more heat against your ears than the 2018 edition. They have a well-balanced sound profile, a wide and spacious soundstage, and a very consistent audio delivery
Jake Thauvette
5 months ago
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Beginners look at the 400i first, 400i lovers look here.
This review is for anyone considering how to spend their money in pursuit of great sound without breaking the bank and trying to figure out if the Sundara can really slice and dice and make you a carmel macchiato with ultrasonic waves. I have owned Audio Technica's (give'm to somebody who doesn't kn...
4 years ago
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(Wikipedia). Example: I tried a set of HifiMan Sundara (pretty good btw), over cable from a MacBook, with a Tidal Master Track.
\- Hifiman Sundara (Lack of quality control, I want to wear the headphones for a while). haven't test heard any of those models yet, because of... you know... Massdrop is out, I am European based. Higher priced models like the Audeze LCD2 do interest me a lot but are a bit out of Budget. Maybe I should save a bit more for those?.
I also tested the HiFiMan Ananda, Audeze LCD-2C and LCD-X, Sennheiser HD 660S, Focal Clear and Clear Mg and some Grado cans. For me, the Sundara, Focal Clear and HD 660S were the only one that sounded fine in a short demo. The others gave me a bad first impression. The Sundaras actually sounded the best to me, but that could have been bias.
Build: Excellent. Very excellent. Everything is metal and feels premium
1 month ago
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It is just the superior headphone in most every aspect. If you want a transparent, accurate, and detailed jack of most trades then look no further than the Sundara. If you have any comments, I would love to hear them!
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AMAZING... but not...
I bought the Sennheiser HD-660s new and HE400i headphones on the secondhand market so that I could gauge the sound signature of both products. I went into this test fully expecting to keep the HD-660s and re-sell the HE400i but figured I would give HIFIMAN a shot based off of the good reviews I read...
eric schott
4 years ago
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Solid Headphones, Terrific Sound
EDIT: 7/21/2020 I am adding in an edit here. My left speaker seems to dim in volume time to time regardless of how loud or quiet I drive them. I end up tapping on the speaker cup pretty hard, which seems to "do the trick" and the volume normalizes toal match the other cup. I think it has something t...
3 years ago
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What's your current unpopular opinion about this hobby atm? - September 2020
The Hifiman Sundara sounds at best like a 200 USD headphone, has trash comfort (no swivel on the earcups) and has poor QC. (Dead drivers).
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