Seiko SKX013

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  • Great for smaller wrists
  • Highly respected among collectors, enthusiasts of any budget and level
  • SKX is highly regarded by watch enthusiasts
  • Many variants of the SKX
  • SKX013 gets more wrist time than all of them combined


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Seiko SKX013 Review: The Everyday Midsize Diver - WatchReviewBlog
Arguably the most popular watch of all time is a diver’s watch, and yet, it’s not like you can buy a Rolex Submariner every other Wednesday. What is the everyman to do when looking for the best price/quality ratio? Why, let’s take a look at the undisputed king of the sub-$200 range, the mighty SKX007 I mean, SKX013.
2 months ago
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[Seiko] A watch that I will keep forever. Seriously.
Finally, I got the a SKX! My SO bought me this during our first trip to Japan after I graduated this April. I really wanted that watch and I love it, specially the pepsi bezel. I was initially gonna go with the SKX013, fearing the watch might be too big for my tiny wrist, but it ended up looking great IMO.
Seiko SKX013 Community Reivew - 12 Honest Opinions | Two Broke Watch Snobs
It was very casual and could go with just about any pair of jeans or shirt combo you come up with but also works with something a little dressier for the office if you need it too. The bands change in the matter of seconds without any tools, so you could potentially change them throughout the day if you so choose to. This feels like a great watch for the price point and an easy way to get into the Seiko family
Defective, but if it wasn't broken I believe it would be great.
Great looking watch with perfect proportions for a desk diver. Nice job by Seiko of scaling down everything, not just the case and bezel, so you end up with something that seems like just a perfectly downsized SKX. With the smaller bracelet and shorter lug-to-lug, it works out to be something that c...
5 years ago
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[Seiko] Managed to get a job and decided to celebrate
With my rather small wrists I was looking for a diver which would not look too chunky. The Seiko SKX013 managed to be exactly what I was looking for so I decided to treat myself with an early christmas gift.
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[SOTC] three years of watch collecting... what have I gotten myself into?
From left to the right: the Seiko SKX013, the Tudor Black Bay 58 in black, the Grand Seiko SBGA413, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38 and the Nomos Tangente 38. I started in the watch collecting path after acquiring the Nomos. I do not see this watch in the long term in my collection although I really like it. The movement is well decorated and the dial, while simple, is beautiful, but the case feels delicate and not to the same quality as the rest of the watch.
Best Dive Watch for Small Wrists | Seiko SKX013 Review
So, my recommendation if you're looking for an affordable automatic dive watch, entry-level diver I Can't think of a better option than the Seiko SKX And if you have smaller wrists like me, you know,, the 013 is perfect. So, I Hope this was helpful.
The Modest Man
2 months ago
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[SKX013 Mod] Seiko Doesn't Make a Sub-40mm Marinemaster, So I Had To!
This is pretty much the perfect dive watch for me, I love the brushed hands, the sunburst dial, and how the flat sapphire crystal sits flush against the bezel insert with no bevel. Parts:. \- Case: Crystaltimes CT712 38mm SKX013 compatible case, no crown guards. \- Bezel: Crystaltimes CT236 coin edge bezel.
Beautiful Timepiece, Poor Quality Control
Seiko's done it again. There are not many midsize divers out there and the Seiko SKX013 fits beautifully on my stick thin 6" wrist while retaining its grandness. I own several Seiko 5s and a Seiko SARB033, but this is by far my most versatile watch. With the robust 7s26c movement, this watch can sur...
5 years ago
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[Seiko] For anyone wondering why SKX bracelets are considered so comfortable
But this, and its hollow end links, make the package rattly, or as some would say, janky. Of course, I'd guess most of you know all of this. This one's an SKX013 for what its worth, and I'm afraid to sell it. I know I'll want it again some day, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to pay more than what I can sell it for to get one in the future.
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Lug Width

20 mm

Case Size

36 mm