Seiko SKX007

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  • Great for the price
  • Classic looks
  • High visibility and easy to read
  • Durable, good looking, affordable tool watch
  • A modern classic


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Seiko SKX007 Review - Worn & Wound
Seiko 013MAS – SKX013 Enhanced by Artifice Horoworks Soxa by DAGAZ PMMM Mod by Yobokies Corvette Yellow by Artifice Horoworks Subaqua Mod by DAGAZ Hunter Mod by Yobokies If you’re making the leap from quartz to mechanicals and aren’t looking to break the bank, there are very few watches I would recommend before the SKX007. Even if you’re just looking for a well-rounded diver to take on your next vacation, there really is no better option. It’s robust and versatile, and with a few extra straps you’ll have a watch you can pair to almost any occasion
2 months ago
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[Seiko] The watch that will never leave my collection, it has seen me through Covid-19 as a proud frontline supermarket worker ⌚
It has been my work watch for two years now (in parallel with a Lorier Neptune occasionally) and so has not had an easy life! I recently purchased a SKX007 to replace it as my beater, but I find myself leaving the SKX at home and wearing the SNZF much more often.
Is it still worth buying a Seiko SKX007?
Be sure to keep it in a safe place – and never wear it outside of your home if that's what you want out of your SKX. For anyone that wants a SKX style watch that is made to be used, it makes a lot more sense to build one. For anyone that wants a SKX style watch that is made to be used, it makes a lot more sense to build one
2 months ago
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[ Rant ] Am I the only one not impressed by Seiko anymore?
It lost the ISO certification and 200m, but I will guarantee you that at least 95% of the SKX007's fans weren't even using it for diving past 20m anyway lol. It is no longer the best cheap diver--it is now the best entry-level mechanical watch on the market, period. It is Seiko pulling a Swatch but for mechanical watches, marketing all the features a general populace would want in an everyday watch, with all the style and variation for people to get super playful with their choices and collect multiple.
Top 5 Best Dive Watch Alternatives to the Seiko SKX007 - WatchReviewBlog
The watch band is rubber, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your. preferences. That said, it has an attractive diamond hash pattern, and is
2 months ago
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Not an "only one watch"...
So I purchased the Seiko Skx007 because there was such enormous amount of support for this watch online. BUT I wished I knew a few things BEFORE I considered this watch as a daily driver. 1) Cheaper automatic watches (like the SKX) were not designed to keep precise time after prolonged everyday use....
3 years ago
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Weekend Rewind: Why Seiko's SKX007 Is The Dive Watch For Everyone
You barely have to even like watches to love the SKX007.
We're spending the last long weekend of summer underwater, and we invite you to jump in with us. All the way through Labor Day, we'll be filling the site with the best, most hard-core HODINKEE dive watch stories from the past 10 years. This...
2 months ago
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[Opinion] Seiko is nickel and diming people with their movements
I find a lot of their pieces have one or two strange elements (be it bracelets, movements, dial, etc.). Getting rid of my SKX007 was the best decision I made. I've never purchased a Seiko after that.
Seiko SKX007 - Long Term Review - Wristwatch Review UK
What I Like The Seiko SKX007 is a real icon, and I adore its looks This is one of the most comfortable watches I own, despite its solid feel For the price I paid, the watch was a bargain considering how much wear it gets What I Don’t Like The bezel action is a little stiff The bracelet looks flimsy off the wrist The 7S26 movement lacks hacking and hand-winding Seiko SKX007 – the WRUK Verdict The Seiko SKX007 is a modern classic.
NICE! Bought the Miltat Oyster bracelet to go on it and it made it look 100x's better in my opinion. Solid and classy looking watch. So happy to add it to my collection.
Michael B.
5 years ago
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Lug Width

22 mm

Case Size

42 mm