Rolex GMT-Master II

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  • Great for pilots and other globetrotters
  • A horology icon that evokes a sense of nostalgia just by looking at it
  • GMT Master series is more than just a tool watch


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Rolex GMT Master vs. GMT Master II
Developments in watchmaking directly tie to progress in our world. As we evolve, watches evolve too. One model that perfectly exemplifies this connection between watches and our culture is Rolex’s GMT Master. The GMT Master is a Rolex watch that has transformed over the years. We compare the GMT Mas...
[Identification] just inherited this Rolex from my grandma. It used to belong to my grandfather. I know nothing about watches, any insight would be awesome, thanks!
A very nice piece, I would make sure it has been serviced recently or get it serviced if you intend to wear it! If you take it to a watch store they can pop the bracelet off and check the serial number between the lugs and double check the reference and year!
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[Rolex] After a really rough year, Batman is putting a smile on my face
After nearly a year of being sick and months of treatment, I finally got the news that I was in remission. I had mentioned to my AD that I wanted to pick up a watch to celebrate the occasion and was stunned when they offered me the GMT Master II 126710BLNR. My sales rep really came through on this one and she was so happy for not only my health but to be able to get me this piece. I’ve owned several Rolexes before but this is my first GMT Master.
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[Rolex / VC / Cartier] My 3 Watch Rotation
From left to right, my Rolex GMT Master II 16710. This is such a versatile piece and for my smaller wrist much more comfortable than a modern Rolex maxi-case. This particular watch was produced just before they were discontinued and came with a black bezel. Being able to swap bezels AND bracelets/straps means this watch never gets boring.
[Rolex] Time to give my bank account a rest for a while
I almost shit my pants yesterday wiring the money for this watch, but I can finally say that my insatiable itch (addiction) has finally been scratched. I thank my girlfriend for not killing me as well as r/watchexchange for making this happen. This is the now discontinued black bezel GMT Master II. I chose this over the Batman and Pepsi as the bezel is a little more muted and draws less attention.
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[SOTC] Which Rolex do you like more? 116659SABR Submariner in White Gold. 116598TBR Tiger Daytona in Gold. 126755SARU GMT-Master II in Rose Gold?
You can't tell usually but there's tons of diamonds hidden amongst the crevices in the face. All the shimmer of these diamonds are totally lost in any in focus image, and you have to purposely put them out of focus, and perhaps move them to make the jewels do the cool stuff that jewels do. 126755SARU GMT-Master II in Rose Gold: You can tell this is my daily driver, because it's quite dirty.
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Hands-On Review: Rolex GMT-Master II "Pepsi" Ref. 126710 BLRO
The Jubilee bracelet is a good fit with the watch.
2 months ago
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[Yema Superman GMT] Some initial thoughts after 5 months of waiting
* Movement: ETA 2893-2. * WR: 300M (“990 feet”). * Special edition: 100 produced in each of 3 colors. I had been on the hunt for a sporty GMT for a while and I was attracted to this watch for a few reasons:.
[SOTC] - I have a problem.
Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 (no holes case): inherited from my dad, got me seriously into watches. Acquired during a time when you can call up Hing Wa Lee and have them ship you one for a little under $4000. I appreciate this watch immensely and I will never get rid of it. I really think this watch looks better than a lot of Rolex’s recent lineup to this day.
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[SOTC] Watch Box Finished, It's Finally Full!
**Rolex GMT Master II:** This is my grail watch and something I bought a few years ago as a birth year watch which I don't want to ever sell. When I bought it, the service stickers were still intact so they were immediately removed and I've worn it like it's a brand new watch.
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