Roborock S7 MAXV

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  • Great for pet hair
  • Good for hardwood floors
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Works well on carpets
  • Large dustbin capacity


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Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review
With the ability to empty its own dustbin and wash its own mop, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is one of the most self-sufficient two-in-one robot floor cleaners we've tested. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox.
Angela Moscaritolo
5 months ago
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I have been following this subreddit for quite a while already and have decided to stop waiting for the potential S7 MaxV and went for the S7 (which is my first robovac) and have it now for 4 days. In short... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!. After reading/watching some reviews, I was expecting it to be only useful to maintain the house, but actually I have started with the bot to do a deep clean for our 3 level house and it worked brilliantly... the following I did for the deep cleaning:.
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CES 2022: Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Solves The Biggest Problem With Robot Mops
Now it could be that the increased suction doesnt really translate into improved real world performance or carpet deep clean, but if it does, roborock could become the market leader in every category and has a robot that is indisputable choice in pretty much every scenario (apart from price, perhaps.). The other downside is that the MaxV Ultra dock is honestly too expensive for the vast majority of the market and consumers. But the S7 MaxV on it’s own, especially if the price comes down over time, is actually not completely out of the price range of most people. It’s a good halo product but most people wont want to pay as much for the convenience of not having to clean the mop and possibly just the auto empty capabilities.
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I had to return my S7 due to issues with battery. I have placed another order but I am slightly uncomfortable knowing S7 MaxV might be around the corner.
When do people feel we are getting S7 MaxV? Is it worth holding out for it for now?
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After owning multiple roombas, and Neato robots, I declare the roborock s7 maxV the robot vacuum of choice. In none of the reviews did anyone talk about the Roborock’s ability to overcome hurdles such as a transom between two rooms. The s7 maxV climbs the transom from my dining room to kitchen like a champ. So for the first time in nearly 20 years of robots, I woke up to a clean kitchen floor!.
Lucky ones that got their S7 MaxV, how is it?
I'm going to do a more detailed post later this week once I have time to really put it thru its paces. But here are my initial thoughts, upgrading from my Roborock S7 (not a huge jump I know). \- The S7 MaxV is way quieter than the S7 is. The vacuum itself may be as loud, but the general movement of the robot is more whisper-like than the S7 ever was- The AI is good.
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A robot vacuum cleaner that can look after itself, for a hefty price
If you tend to have clutter-free floors and don’t want to mop very often, save some cash and go for the S7 Plus for $950. But if you want a bot you can set and largely forget about for a couple of months while it keeps your floors clean, the S7 MaxV Ultra will get the job done.
Jennifer Pattison Tuohy
5 months ago
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Everything the new Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra has
Now the S7 MaxV is like iRobot Genius. You can see the furniture on the 3D map and then you can tap the furniture and it will clean under the furniture you tapped. If you tapped on the bed in the 3D map, it will clean under your bed.
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CES 2022: Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Solves The Biggest Problem With Robot Mops
Personally I think the bigger problem with mops was solved with the S7 which is a lifting mopping pad. It is a game changer when your robot needs to cross over carpet or rugs to mop floors on the other side. Obstacle avoidance is ok but I stopped mopping with my S6 MaxV once my S7 came along.
It could be 5 stars if they hadn't removed a feature that is available on older models.
Obstacle Avoidance, nice. Mapping with Lidar, nice. Auto-emptying so I don't have to worry about it, nict. Can tell carpet from hard floors, nice. Can set the sequence to clean logically? For instance, carpets first, then mop? What? No? Surely it can't be a No. My 2+ year old Roborock S5 max can do ...
6 months ago
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