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Rancillio Silvia

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  • Great for home use
  • Compact footprint
  • Made in Italy
  • Easy to clean
  • Good value


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Rancilio doesn't stand behind their product
I bought this Espresso machine at the end of Oct of 20. i took out coverage from Asurion. I had a problem with the machine the other night and contacted Asurion, they said since it's under a year, I had to contact Rancilio. The u.s .headquarters for Rancilio is in Illinois. I told them my problem an...
Pete Oliver
2 years ago
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Great coffee for the home enthusiast and worth every effort to learn!
***UPDATE: I've had this machine for a little over a year now, and everything I said in the original review below still holds. I would like to add that regular maintenance of this machine is essential to keep it in good working order. Make sure you backflush regularly, de-scale (especially if you ha...
5 years ago
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Tired of polarized reviews? Here's the good and the bad....
Some people buy an expensive espresso machine because, hey, they have the money and they want something that goes along well with their overpriced Williams-Sonoma garbage.... Some people buy a truly midrange item thinking it's the best of the best, and are invariably disappointed because it didn't m...
Rubin Safaya
9 years ago
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Are espressos machines viable for home?
Quite frankly, to me the answer was no. Got a Rancilio Silvia as a wedding present and time to time I have pulled shots quite regularly, but with work, kids and having other activities the time and effort just isn’t worth it. The main issue is not having the ability to just coast with coffee. I have to figure out the correct grind setting, amount of coffee and tamper it correctly to get a good or even decent espresso shot and a cappuccino requires some actual skill.
Having never been a barista
Having never been a barista there was definitely a learning curve. I would have given this a five star rating but I don’t like the long wait between the coffee pour to steaming the milk. Cleanup is easy and so far it seems like a well built machine.
Clive Coffee has some very helpful videos that e...
Jeremiah K.
9 months ago
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Rancilio Silvia Review: Coffee Cliché or Classy Classic?  | The Coffee Chronicler
Conclusion The Rancilio Silvia V6 is an odd one. On the one hand, it’s boxy and complicated to use. But at the same time, I can’t help thinking that you get a lot of premium steel and quality for your money
Good ole Silvia
This is my third Silvia (no reflection on its sturdiness; we were a two-house family for a long time). The last one was ssed every day, multiple times a day, for more than a decade before it gave out. New one was a dream, right of the box, after replacing a decade-old grinder. Dialed in the beans. A...
Robert V.
2 months ago
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Loved it ....until it stopped working after a little over a year!
Bought this for my husband as a 2016 Christmas present. Loved it!!!! until it stopped working a month ago. The steamer wand had no pressure. Bought Ascurion extended warranty via vendor which was totally worthless. Sent it back for repair...just received it worse than it steam pressure and...
First time mommy from NYC
4 years ago
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Make very good espresso with thick creama and fantastic Lattes
The good - Very cool Italian design, made in Italy. Doesn't take up much counter space and makes excellent espresso and Lattes. Easy to clean and fun to experiment and operate. Great to practice your latte art. Makes fantastic micro foam for the milk. Wife says the coffee I make with it is as good a...
Ray D
4 years ago
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Im looking to buy a good espresso machine for home use under 2000$. I was checking on breville and saw that the machine breaks down after 2 years of use. Please give any recommendations for machine that wont break down and last long!
A good option (s) would be a Gaggia Classic Pro or Rancillio Silvia with a good grinder (Niche or Eureka Mignon (the new single doser or a Specialista [there are mods to make it a single doser]).
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0.3 Liters

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine

Product Dimensions

9.2"D x 11.4"W x 13.3"H