Breville Barista Express

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  • Made for espresso, not for drip coffee
  • Grinder is a bit finicky
  • Requires more time to take care of it but worth it in the end
  • Machine is worth the investment


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READ my review and you will be GLAD you did - no really, I put some time into this just for YOU =)
Despite some of the negative criticism sprinkled throughout this review, keep in mind that (1) I am giving this machine 5 stars, and now that I have spent a few weeks getting to know it (intimately), I love it - so much, that if a burglar broke into my house and stole it, I would order another one t...
5 years ago
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Best Espresso Machine of 2022 - GearLab
The Breville Barista Express is a perfect choice for a family of coffee drinkers. This latte slinger can stand the test of time, banging out shot after shot, and has been a flagship of the at-home barista market for some time. The semi-automatic brew process and the high-quality steam wand can accur...
5 months ago
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Basically , after a lot of research and reading, it seems like the only viable entry level machine capable of making half decent espspresso is the Breville Barista Express with an entry level tag of $700 USD. That is, if you are also trying to avoid the cost of a capable grinder at the same time.
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$500 to build the best home coffee setup. How do you spend it?
Fellow Ode grinder with SSP Unimodal burrs, Hario v60 (size 02), Bonavita temperature controlled kettle. Then some really good beans from boutique roasters. All of this assuming you’re looking for coffee, and you could also use an Aeropress + Nanofoamer for the occasional latte. If you’re looking to make espresso-based drinks like lattes as your daily driver, Breville Barista Express is a good starter machine for around $500.
Espresso Lovers Dream
Had my eye on this machine for quite some time. I've owned it now for just over a year. Well worth the investment! It has paid for itself three times over by now with the time and money I save not having to stop for coffee on the way to work. Easy to use! Love this machine!
4 years ago
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Breville Customer Service is Nonexistant
Dear Breville - We purchased this machine in March of this year. We like the drinks that it produced however, the burr grinder has stopped working. It sounds as if the gears are stripped. I have repeatedly called the customer service phone number and left a return phone number because sitting on hol...
Kindle Customer
5 years ago
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Breville Barista Express review: This powerful, comparatively affordable espresso machine pulls truly flavorful shots
In my experience, there are two types of espresso drinkers. The first set doesn't care where their elixir comes from, how much it costs or how it's made, as long as they get it fast. A second group dreams about duplicating espresso alchemy at home, on the cheap, and are more than willing to get thei...
Brian Bennett
3 years ago
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Im looking to purchase an espresso machine and i found the Barista express. Tried to look around for reviews and mostly really satisfied from it and it makes great coffee once you learn to operate it.
Breville Barista Express Review BES870XL - Is It Worth the Money?
Yes, the Breville Barista Express is worth it for anyone who is ready to take their espresso-making prowess to the next level. The BE870XL provides much of the power of a professional machine, but at a lower price point than, for example, the Breville Oracle. It is a great espresso machine – a good pick for those looking to advance their espresso experience without breaking the bank
1 month ago
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Fair new to espresso, what am I doing wrong?
- I agree with those here who say you are grinding too coarse. Google how to adjust the inner burr on the Breville Barista Express. There will be lots of videos on YouTube, no doubt Hoon’s Coffee has one. - Make sure you have the right dose for your basket.
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