Rado Captain Cook

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  • Great for adventure
  • Classic design
  • Durable and reliable
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • Comes with a warranty


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[Breitling] Got me a lady watch
The fact that it’s marketed as a women’s sizing really doesn’t faze me. The sizing is right for my skinny lil noodle wrist; I swap between a 34mm Air King and a 37mm Rado Captain Cook, so at 36mm this sits right in my sweet spot.
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[Rado Captain Cook] Unexpected love
I recently picked up this Rado Captain Cook after finding a great deal on it. I had seen them in person before, and thought the styling was up my alley. I honestly was completely surprised when I received it. I did not expect to like it as much as I did.
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[Rado Captain Cook] A different diver
Earlier I post my small 4 divers collection but I wanted to give more credit to the Rado Captain Cook. Maybe it's because it's my latest addition and my honeymoon phase is not over yet but I really dig this watch. Perfect vintage feel from the beads of rice bracelet, lovely handsets, red date, inward ceramic bezel, very confortable, perfect weight, amazing sunburst dial and nice engraved case back. Paired with a 80h power reserve that is accurate to the second after 10 days...
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Rado Captain Cook limited edition - this one fights for alot of wrist time. This thing is a thing of beauty, watch lovers appreciate it at meetups and the concave ceramic bezel with bronze sun dial and red rotating logo, with creamy markers are just mesmerizing to me. 37mm perfect size.
[SOTC] Not your usual suspects...
Really impressive finishing and super cool movement and in my eyes the coolest case design they make for Sports watches. **Rado Captain Cook LE 37mm**: Got it before it was cool, as soon as this launched I fell in love with the design and got one as new daily driver.
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[SOTC] Lume Edition
Next row: Behrens Inventor Apolar, Breitling Chronoracer Rattrapante, Hamilton Khaki Pilot Aluminium, IWC 3506, Rado Captain Cook. The Tritium tubes on the Ball are an odd one: light up super bright under UV, and doesn't fade but looks less bright compared to recently charged Superluminova which most of these are. In my books it's the best of both worlds but for creativity the Behrens wins with the lumed moonphase! Although it doesn't aid the reading of time but that's a challenge even with the light on with that piece tbh!
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[Rado] Captain Cook 37 mm LE
Ultimately decided to go for the watch with the shortest lug to lug distance, so that the watch looks right in proportion to my wrist. This Captain Cook originally comes on brown leather strap, as well as a NATO and mesh, but I've picked a BOR bracelet purchased from Rado and I'm quite satisfied with the outcome. Overall I think this Captain Cook in 37 mm case is highly recommended for those looking for more vintage proportioned watch.
[Grail Achieved] AP 15707ce
Ya the dude likes it and can afford it good on him. I’m wearing a Rado captain cook right now, some people would think I’m crazy for spending that kind of money on a watch. Everybody got an opinion
[Rolex] If the submariner is the best, Who's next?
I could name many divers thinner than the submariner, let's start with the lower end, the glycine combat sub coming in at 10.5mm vs the subs 13, the Oris divers 65 12mm, Rado Captain Cook 12.1mm, mido ocean star 11.75, longines hydroconquest 11.85...i can go on...I don't know all of their weights but many of those watches are also smaller (the Rado coming in a 37mm size) and I'm sure are lighter oh and all of those watches are like 5 times cheaper or more and still high quality swiss watches...so I think my conclusion is you probably have not tried on many watches (or even know of them) ...Rolex to many is the be all end all and it just isn't....by the way I tried on a sub and that mother was hefty and bulky, especially compared to my Oris 65 oh and I personally would rank that above the Rolex (can you tell I'm not a fan).
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[Breitling] - Can we give Breitling some love?
Very nice!!! I actually love the Outerknown Superocean release, but have a Rado Captain Cook so I just can’t justify picking up a really similarly styled Breitling diver. Also, I’m saving my money for the pistachio dialed Premier Chrono that just came out.


Watch Label

Swiss Made




Rado Calibre 763 (ETA C07.611)

Power Reserve

80 hours