Patek Philippe Calatrava

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Why a $22,000 Entry-Level Dress Watch Is Worth Every Penny
There is a certain mystique surrounding Patek Philippe that exists even amongst die-hard watch fans, and the mystique is understandable. After all, a business that has been in continuous operation for over 175 years and commands prices of, in certain cases, the high six-figures (and more at auction)...
20 days ago
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[SOTC] My collection at EOY 2020
Absolutely love this piece. I think if I were to pick the single most versatile watch I own it would be this one, hands down. Sturdy, sporty, and dressy. All the little details, down to the polishing of the indexes, is just perfect.
[Patek] Calatrava 3426. Picked it up today.
Picked up this Patek Philippe Calatrava 3426 today - it's 32mm and almost entirely without blemish, and just serviced. Got it off of eBay after a long negotiation!
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[A. Lange & Söhne] Saxonia
My vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava (in the background) is also in Rose Gold. So it is the Germans versus the Swiss, Glashütte versus Genève, a company that had to re-start in 1994 versus the one that was established in 1839 and stronger than ever. I strongly believe Germany is giving Switzerland a run for the money, for dominance in the watchmaking world.
[Vintage Patek Philippes, Rolex, Ulysses Nardin] Looking through more of grandfather's collection, found where he kept the nice stuff!
This one works, but definitely in rough shape, though the band is actually in pretty good condition. Women's Patek Philippe w/ diamond bezel-. I could barely even read the name on the face of this one, but actually is in pretty good condition and I think it's working. Patek Philippe Calatrava-.
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[SOTC] after 2 years collecting. What should I add next? I’m thinking about a Daytona 16520 with the black dial.
Patek calatrava or another gold dress watch.
[Patek Philippe] 5524g - Trinity Complete!
Although it’s not the Aquanaut, this 42mm pilot watch is amazing. It really fits my style as I have two IWC pilot watches that I wear all the time. This also completes my trinity. \* Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time - 5524g.
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[discussion] Ultimate Dress Watch?
Patek Calatrava in yellow gold with a hobnail bezel. It's not the most expensive dress watch you can buy, but it's damn near perfect in my opinion.
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[Patek Philippe] Size doesn’t always matter
I think many people start out with misconceptions of watches that sound small because so many modern ones tend to be larger. I previously would never have seriously considered a dress watch under 36mm, but then stumbled upon a vintage Patek Calatrava at 33mm that was absolutely perfect. It has a lot more wrist presence than the measurement would suggest, and for a true classic dress watch, I really feel it’s exactly where it should be.
[Discussion] What are your watch-related hot takes?
Seriously, pretty much every other watch at that price point has superior finishing and decoration in the movement, dial, and case. - Tool watches are completely pointless. If you want a tool, go buy a quartz and not a $1000+ piece of jewellery.