Oris 65

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  • Great for divers
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Comfortable to wear


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Watch Review: Oris Divers Sixty-Five On Steel Bracelet | aBlogtoWatch
As configured in this review, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five watch has a retail price of $2,400 USD. Learn more at the Oris watches website here.
20 days ago
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[Oris] Gift to myself for finally being admitted as an attorney!
Hi r/Watches! After finally being admitted to practice law last week, I decided to finally pull the trigger on something I had planned since signing my contract with my law firm over a year ago - the 40mm Oris Divers 65 Bronze Bezel.
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[Oris Diver 65] New Limited edition with Chronos magazine
38mm with the calibre 400 and I believe 2 firsts in the Diver 65 line: a gradient sunburst dial and relief markers on the bezel. I feel Oris has really upped it’s dial game with this watch and the recent Cervo Volante Big Crown Pointer dates giving a modern element to these vintage inspired watches. Oris creates a lot of limited editions, but they seem to constantly try new things with them which is really cool to observe, what to you think?.
[SOTC] I think I'm done... for now.
* The first watch I bought after I started collecting watches. I don't wear it much any more because I rarely dress formally these days but I love how pretty the dial is!. * Oris Diver's 65 Timeless Edition.
[Oris] 65 in 40mm wrist shot
Hello r\Watches, today a wrist shot of that beautiful Oris 65. The dimensions are 40/47.5/12mm. Love how this piece wears being so reasonably sized and designed. That's in my opinion a reissue so well made, it has lots of vintage vibes, the black glossy dial works so well with rose gold hour markers and a bronze bezel.
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[SOTC] My collection at EOY 2020
This is the one I find myself staring at the most when I wear it. 5. Oris Divers 65 "Honey": This is a collaboration with The Rake. Super nice piece, and I really enjoy the orange dial with the orange stripe on the NATO.
[Oris 65 Bronze Bezel]
In love with this nato strap which I bought from watchgeko. I bought this Oris 65 about a year ago and I’m absolutely loving it. It came on a “okay” leather strap which is fine but didn’t really make the watch stand out. Having switched to nato straps really makes the watch stand out in my opinion.
[SOTC] New Ham. Scuba Added
Seiko has done a really good job on these, but QC is still an issue with any rotating bezel model. I had to shop around for aligned models. The Oris 65s are some of the most classically retro and stylish reissues I’ve seen. They wear small, and have thin height, which makes them look even more from the 60s.
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[Oris] Quarter Life Crisis Splurge
I was completely enamored with the Tudor BB58 Bronze before I found this Oris Divers 65 with a Bronze Bezel. [01 733 7720 4354-07 5 21 44] It was a pre-owned watch which allowed me to get a hefty discount and I decided to pull the trigger. So far I’m loving the case design and have quickly gotten used to the weight on my wrist.
[one watch collection]
Maybe an oris divers 65, if you prefer the dive watch style and think it looks dressy enough on leather