Omega Seamaster

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  • Great for an active lifestyle
  • High quality and water resistant watches
  • Omega Seamaster is an eclectic assortment of timepieces
  • New Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep in titanium


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OMEGA Seamaster Watches: The Ultimate Buying Guide
Conclusion If you’re looking into an OMEGA Seamaster watch, you’re on the right path. These luxury Swiss watches have withstood the test of time, earning the admiration of presidents, movie stars, astronauts, and divers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned diver, a James Bond aficionado, or simply a lover of quality luxury watches, the OMEGA Seamaster collection is an excellent choice
2 months ago
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[Not really a "collection"]
It is really playful and it shows you don't have to spent thousands of dollars just to have a watch collection. It is creative too! It is not the standard omega seamaster/speedmaster, any Rolex etc. It is a good collection and an honorable collection!.
[Omega] Long List of Watches Slimmed Down to Three Omegas - SOTC
It’s currently my daily since it’s material build is more durable that the other two. Vintage Omega Seamaster (60’s): This was my first Swiss watch. I had no idea what to buy, but it caught my eye.
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Some days I only “carry” a watch...
Honestly on days I’m not working, I might only have my phone, Wallet, and watch on me. Watch: Omega Seamaster 300 Professional Chronograph. This think is easily my most expensive possession after my car, but I absolutely love it. The chronograph is super handy, and you can also use it as a second time zone.
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[Omega] Brilliant companion on my roadtrip
Just came home from my roadtrip through Montenegro with my Omega Seamaster. A lot of hours of driving through the mountains.
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The 5 Best Omega Seamaster Watches Of All Time
With the introduction of the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep in titanium, the line-up of Seamasters has become even more interesting. It is the oldest collection in the Omega catalog and started all the way back in 1948. Before the Constellation (1952), Speedmaster (1957), and De Ville (...
2 months ago
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[Omega] Sunset wristshot
Hello r/watches this is my Omega Seamaster diver 300m Reference Got this watch back in January and I love it.
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[SOTC] Hi everyone I started my journey this year and I‘d like to hear your opinion on my collection so far
This was my first mechanical watch I bought after I inheritaded some money from my grandpa which sadly passed away this year. I choose this watch bc of the connection to the past and the whole heritage thing to remember my grandfather. Omega Seamaster.
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[Seiko] From 4 watches last year to a new box needed!! From a small collection this time last year to having more watches than space! I love Seiko, particularly from the 70’s. Is it a bit too Seiko heavy?
Really like Seiko for the quality and pricing, now love the 70’s ones which are my latest purchases. Just waiting for a Seiko Quartz Superior to be delivered. Added a couple of more expensive ones for my 50th Omega Seamaster from 1970 and a Christopher Ward.
Omega Seamaster (Reason: loved the quality and the wavey dial was unique). and some sort of Grand Seiko diver (Reason: unfamiliar with the brand, just know the craftsmanship is excellent). I want a watch to wear every day, and to last a very long time, the actually diving aspect of it I just like for the aesthetic.




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