Noctigon KR1

Noctigon KR1

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Great throw
Small size
Wide variety of emitter choices
Enthusiast-friendly for modding and swapping emitters
Not waterproof, may not be suitable for heavy rain or underwater use
Some users have reported issues with head design and rattle
Not as powerful as some other thrower flashlights with larger reflectors


The Noctigon KR1 is a highly recommended pocket thrower flashlight with a wide variety of emitter choices. It is praised for its small size, great throw, and efficient beam. Some users have reported issues with the head design and rattle, but these are not considered major drawbacks. The flashlight is also a popular choice for enthusiasts who enjoy modding and swapping emitters. Overall, the Noctigon KR1 is a reliable and versatile flashlight that is well worth the investment.


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17 Lumens / 15hr


2 Lumens / 15hr


18 Hours


67.33mm (2.65")


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