Noctigon KR1

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  • Made for the outdoors
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bright light output
  • Waterproof design
  • Durable construction


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Very Impressive for the size
If you're looking at this, you probably know how good the reputation is for Noctigon/Emisar. If not: it's great. This flashlight lives up to that. There aren't many better throwers at this size (maybe Manker MC13 or Acebeam E10) and they aren't as visually appealing IMO. I got the green W1 emitter a...
Eric A.
2 years ago
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Flashlight Review: Noctigon KR1
Too large for Light Painting Tubes/T8 Tubes.The Noctigon KR1 is the highest quality Anduril based flashlight that I've tested for use with light painting tools. The build quality and sustained brightness is noticeably better than the Lumintop FW series lights
What are some lights you think have an incredible performance for their size? (Any size) Runtime, Lumens, Throw, Spill.
Noctigon KR1 (super throwy in small package). Thrunite Catapult Mini (super throwy in small package).
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Pocket thrower suggestions?
Noctigon KR1 is just about perfect. I'm posting a full review this weekend if you want to keep an eye out for that. Noctigon/Emisar is also releasing a new light called DM11 any day now which could also be considered a pocket thrower, so keep an eye out for that too.
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Budget quality
Excellent small thrower at a great price. Machining is very good. Shipping was very fast.
jordan b.
2 years ago
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Perfect pocket thrower
I love this flashlight, it has less uses than most of my flashlights as I mostly do up close work. But for reaching out into the darkness this thing is awesome. Now I need a w1 green variant to compliment it.
Kevin R.
2 years ago
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New light for dog walking
I see nothing wrong. I really like the “frag” style knurling on the body as well. This would be a really cool candidate for an emitter swap too, if you ever get into that kind of thing. I have “enthusiast’s” lights as well such as my Noctigon KR1 and my D4V2 but there’s still a place for old school chonky bois IMO.
Noctigon KR1 review - pocket thrower with Anduril
Let's sum it up, uh, as you could see guys on the beam shots feature, the flashlight has excellent beam is very well focused for such a compact flashlight. It's definitely very. Very nice project hung and i can definitely recommend this flashlight to you
Flashlight Enthusiast
4 months ago
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best $100 thrower flashlight?
Noctigon kr1 w1
I use mine for canoeing on lakes, finding landmarks and whatnot at night. If you're just spotting around here and there, it's great. Small, cheap, great throw. If you're looking for extended usage, you might want to go bigger.
IF22 vs IF22A
I'd much rather buy a Noctigon KR1 with either W2 or W1 (SFT40 should be available very soon if it isn't already available via email), for only $16 more, which has a good driver and will be able to maintain over 600m throw for MUCH longer than the IF22/A, even though it has a smaller 18650 battery. It's also easier to carry, has better build quality, and a better UI.



17 Lumens / 15hr


2 Lumens / 15hr


18 Hours


67.33mm (2.65")