Nikon Z9

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  • Great for video
  • Excellent image quality
  • Camera is very easy to use and navigate in the menus
  • Fn button is very useful
  • LCD screen does not have a touch screen feature


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R6 vs R3 rolling shutter comparison using the 20fps and 30fps electronic shutters on a ceiling fan on high. She's mine until Monday, who has questions?
Nice!! Just need to rent a Z9 plus an A1 to get the full comparison!
Yeah, I've had a lot of Nikon DSLR's...D3, D700, D4, D5, D6, D500, D850. Just sold my D6 and D850. This out does them all. Trying currently to get a second Z9 but at the time of this writing...hard to come by. It really makes the older DSLR's seem like toys. Don't want to shoot with them now. They c...
Mr. Focus
7 months ago
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Nikon Z9 Autofocus REVIEW: Sports, Birds, Concerts
The z6 or the z7, because the z9 just corrected so many things that those cameras didn't have right at the time. It just shows you that all the things that i've been saying time and time again about the z6 and the z7 nikon knew, and they got it much better and more correct in the z9. I could take the z9 and be happy using it
Jared Polin
3 months ago
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Extremely curious how 4K films will look upscaled on 8K TV’s
Just read some of the reviews for LG's Z9 and ZX 88” 8K displays. It seems like 98% of them say the PQ is absolutely stunning on every level, upscaling included.
Believe the reviews
Worth the endless wait to get one. Nikon menus and Fn button assignment is still clunky compared to Panasonic Lumix and Canon. Better than Sony menus, but isn’t everything? Kick ass that it records 8K internal and will have RAW “video” [sequential still frames of de-Bayered sensor data in a MOV wrap...
6 months ago
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Nikon Z9 Unboxing by Ken Rockwell
Ah, this is well designed. Nikon is certainly the best in hand feeling pro camera comp helson doesn't even make a pro camera, in other words, one with a non-detachable vertical grip.
Ken Rockwell
3 months ago
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Opinions on the z6II AF please
Don't do it! Recently sold my z6ii and while it was good for video which was the reason I purchased it I was not able to use it in place of my D850 or D500. Like the concept just not the execution. Hopefully the Z9 is real.....
The Best Nikon Mirrorless Yet
I’m absolutely blown away by the Nikon Z 9. The pure speed of the autofocus and how well the focus sticks to the subject is too hard to describe in words. The build quality is top-notch, and the sensor shield is a much-needed touch that all mirrorless cameras should have. The camera powers up and po...
6 months ago
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Nikon Z9 Review by Ken Rockwell
But what's odd is is this usa version? I can't set the work in japanese or german or any other language other than english, french or spanish strange, but true, every other camera used to have a hundred different languages on it and that's most of it. To be honest, i could go on for longer, but this has been a long enough review if you want to see detailed sample images, if you want to see explicit user guides and how to make every trick tip and feature on this camera hum. If you want to see high iso samples, you know color samples, explicit user guides
Ken Rockwell
3 months ago
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Worth staying with Nikon?
I love Nikon and switched to the Z system. I still have a d850 but will sell it soon. I have a Z7ii and just ordered a Z9. If low light is critical to you I recommend researching the Z6ii.


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Z 9 FX-format Mirrorless Camera Body



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