Nike Zoom Fly 3

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  • Great for long distance runs
  • Nike Zoom Fly 3 is a stiff, responsive trainer
  • In its 3rd edition, Rival Fly 3 fills the gap in
  • React midsole doesn’t have the same bounce as
  • Nike’s new Vaporweave material manages heat and sheds water better than


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Nike Rival Fly 3 Review
RECOMMENDATIONNike RivalFly 3 is an excellent neutral daily trainer for distances up to half-marathon. It also works great for short races. If you are looking for an affordable shoe with modern aesthetics, it is a shoe that is highly recommended
4 months ago
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Nike, Adidas and other brands really pushing so-called 'Super Shoes' to the masses
Having always ran exclusively on my toes and balls of my feet, the bigger drop of my Zoom Fly 3 ( my first good/real/expensive running shoe) taught me the benefits of landing more on my mid foot. When I get it good, and get in a groove, the combination of my natural forefoot running with the concentration of trying to land on the mid foot with the 10mm drop or whatever it is, gives me that little boost forward and has made running ultra fun for me. I never had good running shoes, and just took whatever was cheap, without a thought in the world: after these Nike's, I look forward to running like I never have in my life and that can't be quantified in money. I rather spend a little less on groceries, cut out the alcohol, maybe less meat, and voila that extra 50-75$ that makes a shoe go from no way will I pay for that, becomes" I can't wait to run, mainly because of this ridiculous technology shoe" I love all the new shoes coming out and all of a sudden would consider using other brands that I normally wouldn't use.
Carbon plate daily trainers
Nike Zoom Fly 3’s have done me well as a daily carbon. React foam is pretty durable so it’s been able to rack up some high mileage.
Best $/mile carbon plate shoes?
Nike Zoom Fly 3 - not worth it. I don't hate this shoe but it is stiff. I would take the Speed over this shoe any day. There are definitely other great options out there from New Balance, Adidas and others...
Confused about the Nike Zoom Fly 4
I had the Zoom Fly 3 and loved it for a bit (as it was my second running shoe) but I am shocked they didn’t do more to update the 4. The 3 was marketed as the speed/workout trainer to complement the Vaporfly. So if you had something like the Infinity React for easy days, the Vaporfly for race day, the 3 would fit in between for speed sessions.
- Nike Zoom Fly 3: look great and are fast, but heel narrow and prone to instability/ankle roll. Plus, think the carbon plate limited foot flex which seemed to aggravate PF foot pain.
Nike Zoom Fly 3 Performance Review - WearTesters
Drew: The Nike Zoom Fly 3 has flaws but overall I think it’s worth the money.
4 months ago
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Interested to know what brand of shoes everyone wears for road running?
I know people love to hate it but I’ve done pretty well over time with the Zoom Fly 3 (my all around favorite) and the Vaporfly Next% 2. The Invincible Run is neat too. There is some serious tech packed into all three of these shoes. With that said, Nike is not known for its support for wide feet.
Nike zoom fly 3
The Zoom Fly 3 is a carbon plated shoe. I wouldn't recommend using them as a daily trainer, as the carbon plate can theoretically affect your natural gait cycle over time and also make your foot weaker. The Next% is primarily a race shoe (also carbon plated) and will wear out very quickly if you're using them for a daily shoe, due to the type of foam that is used. I bought a pair a year ago and I've only run 20 miles in them so far, as I save them exclusively for races.
Nike zoom fly 3
I had the zoom fly 3 for a little bit and returned them to Nike after trying them out for a bit. While they were pretty responsive they felt really bottom-heavy. I also have a pair of next %- and if you’re a newer runner probably wouldn’t want these to train in, most people reserve them for special runs or races.



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