Nanrobot D6+

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Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter review: 2020 E-SCOOTER OF THE YEAR! — ELECTRIFIED REVIEWS
Price — Starting at $1,699Starting at $1,699, the Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter is feels appropriately priced and a fair deal considering the extremely high powered motors and massive 26 ah battery pack, but if you want the hydraulic disc brakes you have to drop another $100, plus another $100 for the seat if you want that, and another $100 for the extended warranty. In total, the ultimate version of the D6+ will run you close to $2000.Who’s it for — Scoommuters on a budgetThis feels like a good choice for those who need a high-quality electric scooter that can blaze new trails off-road and tear through town on road
Top rated/built scooters for $1800 and under?
Nanrobot d6+ if you need to finance. But your best option is to use a chase freedom credit card. The one I had allowed my to pay as a mychaseplan, this split the purchase into 6 monthly payments with no interest. Also blade 10 from kreomotors is a decent option.
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My Zero 10x constantly (and I mean constantly), has it's back wheel (back wheel specifically) puncturing. I don't have any idea why it happens so often. I get to ride it for a couple of days at a time, before it eventually is punctured, and I have to go back to the repair shop. Anyone?
I have a very similar scooter Nanrobot D6+ and have had 6 flats in 8 weeks of use and from best I can tell my inner tubes would end up with micro abrasions that turned into leaks and slime didn’t work although I wasn’t using “Slime” brand, I was using something similar for ATV’s and it leaked out all over the place even when I only used a tiny bit, I believe I was running tire pressure to low and every one of my flats were from the inner tubes getting pinched. I’m about 80% sure of this because ever since I started keeping an eye on the tire pressure and running them close to the 50psi rating approximately 48psi, I weigh 170 fully clothed with accessories and have had better luck as of recently. Good luck it’s a total bummer for sure but hey you should see how fast I can change a tire now!!
Nanrobot D6+ Electric Scooter Review | 50V 26Ah 40mph
This e-scooter delivers incredible top speed, packs reliable safety features and is extremely comfortable on the road. Whether you’re looking for a scooter to scour new off-road trails or enjoy around-town escapades with, the D6+ can do it all. While not the cheapest, its features totally justify this price
2 months ago
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Got my Vsett 9+R!
That’s awesome, congrats!,I am hung up between your scooter and the nanrobot d6+
They're here...
I have kind of settled for the Nanrobot D6 - I just looked up this one - Basically same price, but this one doesn't have turn signals (city commute). But specs for top speed and payload are a little better with the VDM 10.
So let's sum it up: I Think Nan Robot did a really good job. The D6 is definitely a solid scooter. It's well built and the quality control is there
Igor Syunin
2 months ago
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Street tires arrived!!!
My scooter is a Nanrobot D6+ and I definitely noticed a much smoother ride and also grip feels a little more stable. For 2 tire and 2 inner tubes I paid approximately $64. So far I really like them.
Finally came today. Any Virginia (USA) riders in here? Anything to know regarding the laws on these, which kind of roads are acceptable, etc?
Atlanta Nanrobot D6+ rider here. I love mine too. Agree that it's built like a tank - a really fast tank.
The Best Escooter Under $2000 by Nanrobot: the Nanrobot D6+ Review
Ultimately, a great off-roading slash street scooter.
Jimmy Chang
2 months ago
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