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  • Great for the price
  • Good battery life
  • 720p display
  • Clean version of Android with useful extras
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Great phone for a teenager.
I purchased this as my 13 year old sons first phone to be on our wireless provider. He had been using it for a month now and really enjoys the battery kife and large screen. He had been using our hand-me-down phones on WiFi before this. For the price the build quality is solid and as a first time ph...
1 year ago
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Speaker Issue
I sent my phone back. The speaker faded in and out (a problem others have noted). Also, I have an old Moto E phone that, I think, works so much smoother than this Moto Play. It's more intuitive and has a faster response. This new phone had a notable delay in response and it didn't re-orientate itsel...
9 months ago
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Still waiting for Android 11, other than that, EXCELLENT budget phone
It's not as responsive as a flagship phone, but it gets me by. It can pass for a flagship without close examination. The phone looks like a high quality device. The battery life is refreshing! I can actually get through 2 days solid without recharging. I typically don't stretch it that far, but it c...
Derek Malone
1 year ago
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Kind of shocked by how good my $150 phone is.
It's not filled with bloatware, and it does the basics all pretty well. Calls sound no different. The speaker is good enough.
2 years ago
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Motorola Moto G4 review: An unbeatable Android bargain
Since we first reviewed the Moto G4 and G4 Plus, Motorola has kept busy, expanding the Moto line to include even less expensive variants of their flagship budget phone.
Fall 2016 updateAnd if there was no Moto G4, the less expensive, stripped-down Moto G4 Play would be the deal of the century. For j...
Andrew Hoyle
7 months ago
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I've had a Moto E5 Cruise, Moto X4, Moto G7 Power, Moto G Play 2021 and Moto G Power 2021, and all have had a hidden LED light at the top of the phone. I use custom ROMs on my G7 Power and they all enable the LED to use as a notification light. I strongly prefer the notification LED to flashing the screen on once and then never again unless you pick it up. The light keeps flashing so I don't have to keep picking up my phone to check for a missed notification.
Motorola Moto G Play (2021) Review
For tight budgets, the Moto G Play is hard to beat, especially for performance and battery life..Sign up for Race to 5G newsletter to get our top mobile tech stories delivered right to your inbox
Steven Winkelman
7 months ago
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Why are so many Motorola phones missing the magnetometer / compass? This omission on anything beyond a Moto E is honestly mind blowing. From the new lineup, only the flagship G100 has it.
Even entry level Samsungs from the A20 and beyond now have it (and they used to be the worst in this regard, some Galaxy J phones didn't even have a **proximity** sensor). I don't think there's an excuse for Moto here.
1 year ago
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A good phone for the price, but if you can spend a bit more you’ll get some worthwhile upgrades
Thankfully, you can turn this off..Clearly the G Play has its share of shortcomings — at $160, it has to
Allison Johnson
7 months ago
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My favorite app, Instagram works fine with the G, however, the browser is slow enough to not make me browse Reddit all the time. Same with Spotify, though I wish it would stop lagging when connected to BlueTooth devices. Also unfortunately the facebook messenger that I use for the study groups always lags or crashes.


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