Minimotors Speedway 5

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  • Great for commuting
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Extra durable frame
  • 50% power output speed is between 38km/h and 33km/h
  • Good acceleration


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Speedway 5 - Electric Scooter - Dualtron Nordic
Home / Speedway The Speedway 5 is the 5th generation of electric scooters from Speedway.
With its powerful dual motors that can produce a mind staggering 3600 watt no hill is too difficult to climb. With extra power comes extra durability, the Speedway 5 has been strengthened with a beautifully des...
2 months ago
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cheapest long range scooter? the best I found is the emove cruiser
Anyone opting for this be aware that you’ll need 4 washers 2 on each bolt of the mounting plate for the rear caliper to raise it so it clears the motor otherwise it will rub against the motor the emove is a good choice I also love that it has tubeless tires with the addition of armadilloz flats are pretty much a thing of the past . I changed to the thumb throttle as well just my preference. No scooter is perfect they all will have a issue or two that needs to be sorted out . I if you should decide that you don’t like the front suspension there’s a c style that can be added look at the speedway 5 to see how it looks .
Looking for a Mentor
The scooter can handle it, just don't go jumping of things. If you do feel yourself bottoming out, change the spring for a heavier model. I got my Speedway 5 on Aliexpress for just below €1400.
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Speedway 5 Electric Scooter Review
This is definitely a two thumbs up from this big guy on this particular scooter. Big Guy approved. I have, uh I, I think it's really well made
Tim's Electric
2 months ago
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Thinking of upgrading my Emove Cruiser stock brakes to hydraulic. Good idea or no?
It's a great idea! I had mechanical in my Speedway 5 (similar chassis to Cruiser), upgraded them to X-tech semi-hydraulic and finally pulled the trigger and installed Nutt brakes. Each one was a huge upgrade in comparison to previous step.
Minimotors Speedway V (5) Electric Scooter Review and Impressions
This thing is amazing. The power for the package inside the scooter is awesome.
Alien Rides
2 months ago
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Buying my second scooter any recommendations?
I bought a Speedway 5 and boy do I wish I had paid for the Dualtron from the getgo.
Speedway 5 Electric Scooter Review!
All right. Well, I hope this look at the Speedway 5 helps you out.
Electron Surfer
2 months ago
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If build quality and range is your two most important things - what scooters would you advice to buy?
Speedway 5 - i just got the single motor version and absolutely love it. Its my first scooter though so ive not got a lot to compare it to.