Minimotors Dualtron Victor

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  • Great for commuting
  • Best handling dual tron ever
  • Longest range of any dual motor scooter under 75 lbs
  • Super fun and surprisingly portable
  • Eye watering top speed


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Dualtron Victor Review: The secret behind its impossible performance » Electric Scooter Guide
No matter what angle you view it from, the Victor is just plain gorgeous — and that’s before you even turn on the remote-controlled lights! Dualtron Victor: Review Conclusions The Victor is definitely a Minimotors Dualtron | Credit: Richard S. / ESG There is no doubt about it. The Victor is a stand-out, even among Dualtrons
Minimotors Dualtron Victor Review 45MPH Electric Scooter That Fits In Your Trunk!
Now that we fully tested the Dualtron Victor, it's clear why it caused so much buzz. It's got Dualtron build quality. best in class, Top speed, best in class, handling, outstanding range, and it fits in the trunk
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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Dualtron Victor Electric Scooter Review - 4K
I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on the Duotron Victor Baby Thunder.
Tim's Electric
2 months ago
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