Microsoft Surface Book 3

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  • Great for gaming
  • Advanced mechanical locking system for the keyboard base
  • Multiple cameras and batteries
  • Brilliant near-4K display
  • Excellent detachable laptop


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New Intel CEO Making Waves: Rehiring Retired CPU Architects
I know the Surface Duo got a lot of hate, and I really wanted to get one, but I feel like it just isn't "there" yet. Microsoft has been on that sort of track record for the past 5 years or so... the first version of a new product is a little questionable, the second is decent enough, but the third iteration, they're really nailing it.My Surface Book 3 is the best laptop I have ever owned, and I've had many.
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I am *thoroughly* impressed, and have no requirement for my old Windows computer at all. I've had no programs that don't work at all, and the only program that I find buggy is OneDrive - it works, but is slow, and is a battery hog.
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No more, no less. And every time, after it finishes, it’ll pop up a little message that says it successfully connected. When you disconnect, precisely the same process plays out. You click through all the prompts, you get a 10-second progress bar, and it pops up telling you it’s successfully disconnected.
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Great Quality, Poor Performance
This review is specific to the i5 equivalent. Before I get to the negatives, I will touch on the positives, because they are the reasons I've decided to hold onto the machine. Would I buy it again? Hell no. But the positives make it livable, though arguably that's not the best spot to be in with a n...
4 months ago
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Assembly quality not that great
Out of the box the device worked alright, however, I realized that key "J" gets stuck, which makes the device effectively unusable. Returning this one, but will buy another one, hoping it will be fully functional. (Jun 2021 update) I've got a replacement, and it worked alright for about 7 months. To...
Ilya Butenko
2 years ago
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Software engineer here. Requiring a compact laptop with dedicated GPU and good battery life under 2500€ (HP Envy, Asus Zenbook, Huawei Matebook, Surface book) ?
Surface Book 3 : design is nice and build quality seems sturdy, the hinge is odd but fine. Tablet mode is also nice, but the body to screen ratio is deplorable.
2 years ago
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It's a joy to use. That matters. And it handles all I need with ease.
Microsoft Surface Book 3 13.5 review: A bold but ageing beauty
5-inch Surface Book 3 becomes a much easier recommendation. . 25 best battery life laptops
Daniel Van Boom
7 months ago
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Easily lap-able? Usable on bed with folder or something under it?. - I've seen a lot of complaints about the battery swelling on older models.
iPadOS 15 confirms Apple's M1-equipped iPad Pro is a V8 engine powering a Ford Pinto
And that’s not a good thing!!. Edit: seeing a Thunderbolt 3 on the iPad get horrible, HORRIBLE EXTERNAL MONITOR SUPPORT is just saddening to see when my Surface Book w USB-C — not Thunderbolt — gets amazing HDR 60fps 4K support!!!
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Intel Core i7-1065G7 4 x 1.3 - 3.9 GHz

Ice Lake U

Graphics adapter

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q

Geforce 442.19



16384 MB



15.00” 3:2, 3240 x 2160 pixel 260 PPI, yes, native pen support, LG Philips LGD0554, glossy: yes, detachable screen, 60 Hz