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Ask HN: Are there any reasonable alternatives to MacBook Pro for developer?
Either the Acer Swift 3 or Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series. Both are Raven Ridge-based. Both are well under $2000. Plenty of extra money left over for all the drives/upgrades/peripherals you want.
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The 5 Best Cheap And Budget Laptops - Spring 2022
If our cheap recommendations don't interest you or you can afford to spend a little more, the budget range has some great options. The Acer Swift 3 14 (2020) is the best budget laptop under $650 for productivity that we've tested. It's a 14 inch Windows laptop with a very capable Intel 11th Gen proc...
4 months ago
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[] Acer Swift 3 - 4500U/4700U six/eight-core budget ultrabook laptop. [] Dell Inspiron 14 5000 AMD - 14/15-inch 4500U/4700U six/eight-core budget laptop. [] Lenovo Yoga 6 2-in-1 - 4500U 2-in-1, good aesthetics.
Love it
So, I bought this acer swift after about a year of using a chromebook, so I might be a little more enthusiastic about its features than most people. I hated Chrome OS, I'm so glad I came back to Windows. I can finally download stuff again!! It's really fast :D like really fast. It doesn't matter how...
Elon Musk's Beard
2 years ago
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I will try to help you get A good deal on Amazon Prime day
The Best deal for an everyday use laptop is as mentioned the HP 14 Laptop and if you need something with the same horsepower but with a better build quality Acer Swift 3 is a great option with a good discount as well. For 2 in 1 the Lenovo Flex 5 Again with great discount it does have a dim screen but for indoor use, it's a great laptop and if you want something better screen the Acer Spin 5 has a 13.5" 2K 2256 x 1504 IPS Touch with great color accuracy. For a 17.3" Screen option the Acer Aspire 5 A517 Is one of the Few 17.3" screen laptop's in this price range that has a FHD screen again with a decent discount. So far I haven't found decent deals on gaming laptops but I will update the post with any good deals I find.
1 year ago
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You don't see value like this in a laptop every day
I try really hard not to do same-day delivery reviews, no matter how great I think the product is because you can never tell on that first day what might go wrong later. However, I am actually confident and happy enough with this one to go for it. If I make amendments later, they won't likely be any...
Jonquil McDaniel
2 years ago
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Not as magical as it seems at first
Taking a look at the specs of this laptop, you would expect it to be incredible, especially for this price point. Taking a look at the online reviews shows that the screen isn't the best, and it takes a few more hits, but even so it looks like an amazing deal. After using it, in my opinion it's wort...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Down to 3 choices - Help me make the final decision
The acer swift 3 is the only one of these laptops with a 4000 series ryzen 7 cpu (4700u). The 3700u is comparable with 10th gen intel i5. The 4700u Acer swift 3 is the way to go
2 years ago
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College student, coding / light gaming
Look for Acer Swift 3 or 5 series, with a Ryzen 7 "U" series
Acer’s Swift 3 is a solid laptop for students
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I recently surveyed a bunch of students about the most important aspects of a high school or college laptop. They were almost entirely in agreement on their top priorities: battery life...
6 months ago
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Screen Size

14 Inches

Hard Disk Size

512 GB