Mercane WideWheel Pro

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  • Great for casual riders
  • Wild looks
  • Dual motors
  • 30 mph top speed
  • Still tame enough for the casual rider


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Mercane Widewheel Pro Review: Floats Like a Rocket, Rides Like One Too » Electric Scooter Guide
Build Quality The WideWheel Pro has higher build quality than previous versions of the scooter. Critical aluminum-alloy components have been strengthened. The 2020 Pro also has a thicker stem, neck, and fork for greater strength
Ninebot E22 worth it for a first time scooter owner?
There are only two scooters I strongly recommend against, the Mercane WideWheel and the Segway ES series. If you can find/afford a XiaoMi M365, it's a better unit. Next one up, Segway Max (G30). Unless the ES series scooters have changed significantly, they have insignificant/ineffective suspension and suffer from poor motor/controller interconnects.
Since my guests are usually bigger than I am, I need to find a stronger scooter for them. I came across the **Mercane Widewheel Pro 2020 (2x500W)** \- in all the videos I've watched it can really climb almost any hill!.
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How many have more than 1 scooter and why?
Did the job perfectly (estimated 2000km so far). 2. Mercane Widewheel 1000W dual motor - purchased to get around my country town and shits and giggles and saved me hauling the other scoot back and forward (estimated 3000km so far).
What would you hint around 20kg and as powerful as possible ?
Mercane Widewheel Pro, Kaabo Skywalker 10S (1200W 25kg) or 10H (800W 20kg), Dualtron Mini, Yume D4+
4 Upgrades For a Safer Thrill Ride | Mercane WideWheel Pro Review
We don't love the cord positions here, so as you can see this especially this one on the right is really kind of loose and it's it's out pretty for which we're worried that it's gonna catch on something. so if you get close to a bicycle or something like that, we would hate for this to catch in their chain. so the cable routing could be a lot better
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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His 'n' hers. Got myself a Mercane and gave the m365 to my wife. I'm stoked and so is she :)
You can tell it needs some maintenance when things start to rattle while you are riding it. I have had them send me a few replacement screws as a backup...the factory screws are hex and some are small so a few of them are hard to not strip. Also I've had to apply loctite to a few screws (I checked with them beforehand to make sure it was OK). Other than those few things it's been fine and fun!
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One year review of 2019 Mercane Wide Wheel - TLDR: Don’t buy it
I bought a widewheel pro based on a lot of the great feedback here and all across the internet (reviews etc) but I wouldn't buy again. I think major problem with the stock brakes is that the pads they come with are too soft, the cable sheathing is too easy to compress and the levers are shit house. Admittedly I'm coming from a road bike with dura ace (excellent brakes) but considering you can go 40km/hr on a widewheel the brakes just need to be better.
I'm 6'2" and 275 pounds. Is an eScooter a viable alternative to driving for my <10 mile commute?
I can speak from experience. Avoid them. don't get the widewheel pro - it's costly and the range is inferior - it's unlikely you will be able to get through the day without charging given the details you mentioned. solid tires are not a good idea either if you might encounter any type of inclement weather - even my Touring which has a solid rear tire will have much worse traction if conditions get even a bit sketchy.
Zero 10x brakes
Some electric scooters have pads that don't make contact with the disc over the whole surface, like the Mercane Widewheel. Part of the pad can touch the other pad around the disc, preventing it from pressing on the disc properly. If that is the case, a sharp safety knife can reprofile the pad back to an effective shape. Does your lever touch the handlebar?



2x 500W base / 800W peak


Lithium-ion 48V 15Ah

Top Speed

26 mph

Load Capacity

220 lbs / 100 kg