Marmot Fortress 2P

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  • Great for 4 season use
  • Easy to set up
  • Keeps you warm and dry in -10° weather
  • Spikes are well made and tough
  • Not a 3+ season tent


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Wind storm
Had this tent set up when a wind storm of 50mph plus came through for several hours. Several of the velcro tabs that secure the tent fly to the poles were pulled from the fly. When that happened, it allowed the wind to flatten the tent in the highest gusts.
2 years ago
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My go-to tent for serious weather.
Easy/quick set up, kept me warm and dry at 10,000 feet in -10° weather. Spikes are well made and tough- 40mph winds didn't move the base. This is the best 4 season tent I've had. Highly recommended. Buy a really good ground cloth to go with.
3 years ago
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What should be the weight of my camping pack?
* Marmot Tungsten 2p. Fantastic very durable and inexpensive 2 person backpacking tent. $219 retail and weights 5lbs.
Sub $200 Tent, 25% backpacking, 75% car camping
Several of our scouts use the Marmot Tungsten 2p for weekend camping year round which can include car camping and backpacking. Seems sturdy enough to handle regular use, but light enough for backpacking. Should be able to get it under $200 during a REI sale.
Great tent,,,
The Fortress is no doubt a very solid tent. This tent should most definitely be considered a 4 season tent. However the weight of the tent along with the fact that the little plastic grommet that keeps the pole together broke are the only reasons I’m giving a low review. However, if I weren’t worrie...
8 months ago
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Well rounded Budget tent
Marmot Tungsten 2P is a good one to consider too. It’s great in the rain, comes with a foot print, double doors and double vestibule. It was a bit longer than others we were comparing it to around the same price point so allows room for some storage inside if you want.
My (F24) fiancé (M24) loves hiking and I want to too
We have the North Face Eco Trail Bed 2 person sleeping bag and love it. I would also recommend a going for a 3 person tent if you don’t want to be rubbing the sides of the tent. The Marmot Fortress 3 has worked well for us too.
Budget friendly backpacking tent with space for dog
Very durable tent. Also quite heavy at 6lbs for the 3p and 5lbs 4oz for the 2p. The Marmot uses silpoly fabrics, so it won't sag in the rain when it is wet.
I have a Marmot Tungsten 2P tent. It's the non-UL version. It's a great tent, but when it's folded up in the bag, it's HUGE.
Marmot Fortress Ul 2P Tent
hello I recently bought this tent and liked it very much. Earlier I wanted to buy an MSR tent, then I changed my mind. I like this tent, which is built 2-3 times and weighs very little 1.9 kg.
4 months ago
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