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Durston X-Mid 1P

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy setup with trekking poles
  • Durable and reliable
  • Very spacious


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X-Mid 1p Ultralight Tent Review
I really like this tent, it's performed exactly as I've hoped it would and exceeded my expectations in many ways.
Taylor Passofaro
4 months ago
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PRICE IS NOT $650 it’s $300 beware gougers
The media could not be loaded. First, I don’t agree with fellow reviewers writing, “for the money, this is the best tent” ... I’ve been backpacking and thru hiking for over 20yrs. I’ve been through so many different tents, some great some terrible. This tent by Durston is not a compromise between fu...
2 years ago
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Nemo Hornet 1P vs Gossamer Gear “The One”/ X-Mid
If you're willing to use a trekking pole tent, the X-Mid can offer a lot more space/durability/performance for the weight because it doesn't put weight into tent poles. More specifically, it offers more durable fabrics (20D vs 10-15D), more waterproof coatings (>2500m vs 1200mm), dual doors (vs 1), dual vestibules (vs 1), and dual vents (vs none). The next gen X-Mid 1P is also a lot more spacious than the Hornet 1, and more stormworthy with a full coverage fly (extends to the ground) rather than a high cut one, so basically with the X-Mid you get a shelter that is more spacious, durable, featured, and stormworthy for about the same weight because it uses trekking poles. Then the GG One has more of an extreme focus on saving weight, so it's willing to sacrifice more performance, function, space, and durability to achieve that.
Honest Review: Durston X-Mid 1 Ultralight Tent
I look forward to seeing what Dan and his team do next. Durston X-Mid 1 Ultralight Tent – The Deets.
Durston X-Mid 1P Tent Review
All of these tents have a fairly big footprint and require extra room to set up despite the fact that they are 1 person tents.The X-Mid 1P has plenty of easy-to-reach covered gear storage alongside the inner tentRecommendationThe X-Mid 1P is a great one-person, double-wall, trekking pole tent that’s easy to set up and weighs 27.9 oz
4 months ago
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I've used my X-Mid 1P for about 300+ miles since Spring of 2021, mostly in the NE and SE of the US. Humid, dew-prone, buggy conditions. I appreciate the versatility of the tent, the ease of set up, and I've set it up in some pretty cramped spaces. My one concern is that condensation seems to build up along the bathtub floor especially along the torso area of my quilt.
Durston X-Mid 2P Tent Review
This is a well-designed tent made by someone who has hiked a lot of miles. It’s well-engineered for livable space, relatively easy to pitch, and the double-wall design is a key factor in reducing condensation. We love the ease of use with the two doors and vestibules, and overall it’s a very reasonably priced tent
4 months ago
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An absolutely phenomenal tent, I
An absolutely phenomenal tent, I am over the moon with my Xmid and am so thankful I got my hands on one. The updates in the V2 are great and the weight is *chefs kiss*. If you have an opportunity to get one of these shelters, don’t wait because they will sell out and you will be sad.
Kyle C.
4 months ago
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X-Mid 1
Outdoor Gear Lab named the X-Mid the ‘Best Buy’ of their 2021 best ultralight tent comparison and write:“The Durston X-Mid 1P is absolutely amazing. The minimalist design, premium materials, functionality, and comparatively low price make it one of our highest-rated ultralight shelters. Considering the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, the clever design functions, and the price, our team can’t think of a good reason not to recommend this shelter
4 months ago
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single wall tents possible in very wet climates? (Norway)
I'm from Norway and have used a wide variety of tents here, including a Duplex (too chilly for scandi weather imo) and several Hillebergs, but for me, the Durston X-mid is an absolute favorite. Have used it all year round in most conditions except for in servere winds. Obviously a Hilleberg tent would perform better in a storm, but for its intended use, the X-mid is the best designed tent on the market.


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