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#LookCloser – Dive Report – Lorier Neptune
Putting a monetary value to a feeling is exceedingly difficult, but at $499, it feels like a bargain to be transported (at least mentally) to a completely different era in time. With all that said, we should talk about what 12 dives and a dozen hours underwater in the ocean does to that pristine plexi. Closing Thoughts In addition to the many sea urchins imbedded in our feet and lava rock scratches to our knees, the ocean demands sacrifice
19 days ago
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[SOTC] My amateur three watch collection
Lorier Neptune III: originally saw this watch scrolling through r/watches and was sold on the big crown but hesitant on the dimensions. Originally, I had thought this watch would be way huge on me and worried about the thickness of the bracelet. Eventually pulled the trigger on this white and navy version.
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I’m not necessarily against micro brands. I have a Lorier Neptune and I’m considering adding another micro brand watch to my collection. But it does feel like many if not most of the things people hate about fashion watches are just as prevalent in micro brands. I guess the main difference could be that micro brands generally use mechanical movements and not quartz movements.
[SOTC] A college student’s modest collection
Lorier Neptune III + Casio F91W - This one easily gets the most wear of my collection. I absolutely love what Lorier did with this watch. The vintage styling is just perfect to me. Currently wearing it on a elastic paratrooper strap with the F91W attached.
Lorier Neptune SIII Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog
I would like to close this review on somewhat of a personal note. For some time now, I’ve been downsizing lots of stuff in my life, and that includes watches. I’ve come to realize I’m more of a one-watch man (well, two automatics and my beater Casio) and the Neptune was a perfect candidate
[Lorier] Am I asking for too much?
Let’s get it out of the way first. This is my first micro brand. I have been eying at this Lorier Neptune 3 since it came out.
[Lorier Safari] Take an Explorer where it belongs...
Yesterday when I took this watch to the mountains I felt like an explorer. This watch feels at home on a wirst beneath a glove, it's small, it's flat, I works nicely. Also I like the movement. Albeit not being as accurate as other entry-level movements (my Seagull St1901 outperforms it) +10,9spd (same as in my Lorier Neptune III) is acceptable.
[Lorier Neptune] A pretty decent two-watch-collection
He also told me, that the amplitude was only 200° which seems way too small. So we discussed options and he basically told, he'd be trying to get a replacement caliber for my watch, cause servicing it would be more expensive, than replacing it. I agreed and this could've been a 10' visit to an independent watch guy but this is when I noticed my Lorier Neptune on my arm and said: "Nice watch. What is it?".
Review: Lorier Neptune Collection - Worn & Wound
The Neptune really is a well made and designed micro-diver with tons of character. The large crown, thin aluminum bezel insert, domed plexiglass crystal, and the tapered bracelet all add up to one very cool watch—and it’s available at an amazingly affordable price. At $389, you really can’t go wrong with the Neptune
19 days ago
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[SOTC] Filled My First Box
Lorier Neptune V3: I love this watch a lot. Orient Neptune: my favorite diver to dress up.
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