Longines Hydroconquest

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  • Great for the price
  • A lot of features for the money
  • Watch is a good size and weight


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[SOTC] My current six watch collection.
The classic yet unique style drew me to this watch. Longines Hydroconquest 43mm: I bought this watch today.
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[Omega] After five long years I finally got my hands on my dream watch
At that point I was too young and didn’t have the money to obtain it - I remember wanting to wait for the right moment to buy it. So several years later and after owning my sweet older watch, Longines HydroConquest, for a couple of years the day finally came where I had unlocked a savings account that I put money into every month. It was one of the best feelings ever and by far the most satisfying purchase I’ve ever made.
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1 second slow a day since I got it 3 years ago
COSC accuracy without the COSC price. I. Beaten and banged this watch up for 3 years now and its really held up to the abuse
Jordan Mclemore
5 months ago
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[Orient, Tissot, Longines] Which watch should I get?
The Longines is definitely worth it if money is no issue. It's a fantastic watch. For the price, the Hydroconquest is probably the best diver you can buy. The specs are up to par and the finishing is pretty fantastic for how little it costs.
[sotc] so this is it for 2020
*Longines Hydroconquest more sentimental value then all of the rest out together plus got it with box and papers for 300 bucks lol. *Nomos Club Campus love the orange seconds hand plus hand wound. If you have any suggestions as to something new to be added or taken out please tell me I’d love to know. And if you want to know anything about these watches I’ll answer all your questions best that I can.
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Longines HydroConquest Review: 41mm Automatic Model | Two Broke Watch Snobs
Also, let me restate that this, even with its ho-hum bracelet is still one of the most comfortable divers I’ve ever worn. I don’t miss the CW at all. Longines wants $1,600 for the HydroConquest ceramic and personally, I think it’s a deal
[Discussion] at what point does price exceed quality and you are just buying the name?
But as with almost everything, there is the law of diminishing returns. For example, a Longines Hydroconquest cost 7x less than a Rolex Submariner. But spec by spec I would never consider the Longines 14% of the watch of the Rolex.
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[Oris] The first watch with the new movement
But this watch is really good. Still, I think I would buy a longines hydroconquest and save a few bucks while getting a very similar watch (and better than the standard Sellita version). But it's cool nonetheless.
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One of the BEST Modern Dive Watches for Around $1,500 - Longines HydroConquest Review
But alright guys, that is my take on the Long Jean Hydro Conquest.
Teddy Baldassarre
12 days ago
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Elegant and great quality
Great time piece, the watch is a great quality built, with an elegant design without the tag price of their Swiss brothers
Erik Estrada
2 years ago
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Case Material

Stainless steel

Water Resistant

Up to 300 meters

Case Size

41 mm

Closure Type