Logitech G304

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  • Great for casual gamers
  • Accuracy weight and shape of the mouse is incredibly important
  • Solid, plastic shell
  • Connects using a USB receiver and uses a single AA battery for power
  • Egg-shaped body is nearly symmetrical


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What do you guys think of this new mouse design. If everything goes well I might consider bringing it into production. Its a 65g wireless gaming mouse with a high back. Sleek minimalistic design with zero RGB.
Urs cool but I would honestly like something similar to the logitech g304 where it has the batteries inside that u. Can replace. I find it much better than ones u need to plug in to recharge. Also from personal experience I would make the right and left click separate plastic peices to the body because after a while idk it becomes bad and also you might think u clikc but u don't idk.
1 year ago
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Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED
It connects using a USB receiver and uses a single AA battery for power. Its egg-shaped body is nearly symmetrical, and there's a pair of side buttons on the left and a button behind the scroll wheel that acts as a CPI button by default. This mouse is a bit on the smaller side and may not be well-suited for people with very large hands, but it feels as well-built and premium as some of Logitech's higher-end mice
Samuel Breton
4 months ago
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